Battle report

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dogs go to WAR-games KON

"Sic'em Boy"
This Sums up my list so well

One day Till I leave to Wargames Kon, My living rooms is amess with the flurry of activity, Was taking two Friends that were going to the doubles but one had to drop out. Long story short three days and 1000 points of Angels painted to table top quality, woot. Just have to finish up two pods and paint some bases then, off to the Kon.

I will be rooming at my brothers place since it is Cheaper.

Added a Twitter Update thingie for minute to minute war games con Updates, will be taking camera so there will be great shots of opponent armies and painting competition. Hoping to experiment with Video camera and battle reports but maybe.

Will We be using name tags? They are so helpful.