Battle report

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ravenguard 2000 List

W/ Command Squad on Bikes
Power Weapons x 5

Chaplain w/ Jump pack--[115]

Assault Squad ---------[220]
Sarge: Power Weapon

Assault Squad----------[220]
Sarge: Power Weapon

Tactical /Razor--------[235]
Melta-gun; Plasma Cannon ; Power Weapon

Tactical --------------[195]
Melta-gun; Plasma Cannon ; Power Weapon

Tactical --------------[195]
Melta-gun; Plasma Cannon ; Power Weapon


Template Death Yes yes yes!!!! DIE GUARD ORKS TOO!!!!
Just a List I was Kicking round, may drop one of the tacticals for sternguard. Vanguard vets are just way to expensive.

Honour Guard 1

Well I think I’ve come to a stopping point with my Scratch built marine.

Now keep in mind I am not the greatest with greenstuff, but I did pretty well.
The tassel thingies were just cut from a thing strip of styrene and then just creased them. (I don't know why there is greenstuff on the gun...... damn you butterfingers.)

I may add more layers to his non sword armor; at least add more rivet dips.

I split the backpack and didn't do much with the rear side of this guy, just chewed up some cork and added the pipe to give him will add ballast into the cracks.

The pose came out well, I like how he is holding his sword at rest, may add some sort of statue behind him make it look like he is standing guard. Since they are always describe as being very still and mistaken for statues, might even add snow to his shoulders and to the top areas. But that’s is an idea I’m just tossing around.

Reading The Blackheart omnibus, more on that later.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scratch building with the best.

Hi All,

(Be warned the Pictures are very LARGE)
Well the lack of updates is over with a whirling dervish of a weekend filled with nephews and nieces valentine’s day and double shifts I can talk about my new project.
While bouncing around the net I came across these interesting concept arts for the masters of the chapter.

I really like the second( from the lefts) shoulder pads and torso and the last ones chest piece, so I was thinking of combining those two to make one model with the short sword and long sword combo but the long in the opposite hand and the short sword held in a reverse grip like a dagger. For a More gun slinger aspect I was going to add gun holster more like the heavy duty six shooter. (Much like an ork shot just a little better looking)

no drawing yet, might not be one.

Here We Go:
Okay I took regular Torso parts. Cut the chest and back in half and added 2mm of styrene and one to the middle, after trimming down the uneven edges. Then I shaved off the rounded part that is usually the cup edges that you would attach the legs with. Cut two back packs in half to make a much larger pack.

Attached a cut piece of 5/8ths styrene tube filed it down to a more organic shape. Used a step down for the crotch, and then stepped down till I got to the cross piece which I used to pivot the legs with. Then I used the same method making them slightly larger then a normal marines, I posed him on one of my termies base, don't know if I am going to use regular marine arms or make my own. Haven't added feet, but I think it is shaping up well.
Going to use green stuff to fill in the spaces and the flat surface will make a good base to work with when I start detailing the torso and lower legs with the Posce ( French word for pocket, the little stylized alcoves that have the skulls and decorations in them) style that seems to be everywhere on space marines armor.

Added Greenstuff to it still lacking the arm. Chaplain is there for size comparison.

If you’re nice I’ll show you my titan.