Battle report

Sunday, August 23, 2009

FREEEM GW you provide suction.

Oh, many are the times I have uttered this or cringed at its sound. Great is the comic that it comes from.
Hopefully many of you have toiled away many hours at the Great Turn Signals on a Landraider.

But due to economocial times, and GW IP rules, Steve will be shutting down his site, at an undeterminded time.

I am hoping to set up a rapid share link for any of the fans for this comic, it will follow in a couple of days.

667 comics, six years, of humor, if your ever run into steve at a GD, buy him a beer, shake his hand, wish him well. Say farewell to Jack, Frep, Kren, and Cavendish. A god among mini's Thank you, Steve.

"Poke 'em inna eye!"

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well lately I have been debating on going to bols-con.
Depending on what i can get done in the next few days and arrangements with family, I will hopefully be going to the Rumble, taking my Ork Army.

Here is what I want to Field.

Warboss, in Mega-Armor
Bigmek, and a Sqaud, on a Battlewagon.
2 Nob trukks
1 Trukk full of boyz
2 full squad of boyz
2 Warbuggies
3 Killakans

nob squads have two powerfist in each squad, waagh banner and the likes
All Vehicles get red paint boarding planks reinforced rams lots of big shootas

Don't know if i want skorchas or regular buggies
Killa kans will all be grotzookas

rounds out at 1996 pts

C+C welcomed.

Got me a lifevest.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evil Cackle

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, a pale horse; and he that sat on him was called Death, and hell followed with him.

Whats 34" got one arm and a whole load of butt kickin'
Only thing that is bad about him is he can't rotate, had to add a piece a pipe to keep his arms from tipping him over, the one arm weighs more then the entire upper body.
Hoping to stencil paint numerals on him.

Gotta decide his name hoping to call him "Death Charm" but thats just a general idea. In Latin "Nex lepor"

Any Suggestions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well BOLS released the badab war play aid book. Check out the Space sharks assualt rules.

Chapter Tactics: If you include Quintus then all Space Sharks units in your army lose the Combat Tactics special
rule. Instead, all Space Sharks wearing power armor are subject to the Feeding Frenzy: Any close combat attacks
which roll a “6” to hit generate additional attacks which are rolled immediately. Continue rolling until no more “6”s
are rolled.

i wish regualr marines or khrone beskers could have this rule.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Painted Horse

More Fist on the way.

Comission List
10 Terminators
2 Captians
Three Dreadnoughts
10 Tactical marines
5 sword breathren

With Basing, weathering and highlights.

120 Dollars! WOOT

Saving up for the new wolves stuff.
So roughly 4 dollars a model. Yes I know Im cheap, cheap and dirty.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Everyone wants to know what I do....

Well been working on a Crimson Fist Comission got my paws on some terminators from the guy.
Storm Bolter is not finished need to paint the magazine, hoping to add some pigments..... then again maybe I shouldn't.

Friday, July 24, 2009



SO he will be getting his guns.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Progress report.

Well the camera has wonder off again.
But "se la vie" SO, instead I have recieved a comission to paint up a few crimson fist for a guy at the flgs. The blue is a special mix and I really enjoy how it glows, but the client may think its alittle to bright but the full squad is really eye catching.
The front two the ones that look more complete are the sample models I was given when I started these guys

Other then that I have kept going on the Warlord project.

He now has a full Torso one left leg and another one on the way, and biceps are almost done I was hoping to go with a spartan kind of bisceted helmet for his head.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 2 Warlord- Super fat jesus

Cont. Expanded the chest section so I can start filling it out from the flats. Spent a while figuring out the weapon mounts or as i will call them nubby arms.

Day 1- Warlord-FAT JESUS

Well since school loans marriage car payments and the works... money is always a we tight. I will never be lucky enough to a have a reaver titan. But I am an awesome builder so I have decided to build my self a warlord. Using a few templated i have found on line and google sketch up.

This picture was invaluable.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


(Shrike)+(Assualt terminators) MINUS Dawn of war= cheesy awesomeness


When I play this game I play for fun. Simple, yes i do do the random store sponsered tournament just for the chance to win some free stuff and have a good time.
I am always a polite gamer, I let people roll stuff that they have forgotten, move the forgotten squad in the trees, shoot that orbital bombardment, and I help them and answer all the questions they have about my army.
But last night while playing at my local flgs I encountered a player when asked what was inside his transport took time out of the game to read aloud the rule that says you don't have to tell your opponent what is in the transport, but for the rest of the game contioned to bring it up with "You wanna know what in the rhino well your gonna find out" nannna booboo kind of taunt. After much of this tuanting went on the uber unit I was holding back came in chewed through just about everything he had, and i proceeded to completely table him. Even whenin the last turn he was still boasting that he had a slim chance of still winning the game if he could have force three tactical squads off two objectives, with an exorcist one serephim, not a unit one model, and two grey knight terminators, more then 18 inches away, with no heavy weapons to kill a vindicator and a razorback walling off the objective.

The reason this makes me so bristly is that I had played this guy before, and happily told him what was in my trukks and battlewagons. So in short I will never play this guy again, oh yeah when you take 30 minutes to make your first movement on the first turn because your stradegizing, that is just rude.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After an eventful night at the FLGS, I had two games conceded to me and completely tabled on the third game in the third turn. I was only playing at 1850, but the one unit that everyone seemed to fear was this.

Shrike Attached to a full squad of assault terminators marines, four armed with thunder hammers and the others with Lightening claws, brought along Cassius jut to bring a tough chappy.

With Shrike's Infiltrating rules stating "Shrike (and the models in his squad) benefit from the infiltrate special rule."

So the idea is that Shrike can attach to any unit that in the army, if it’s not a vehicle or a character whose rule states that they cannot join another unit.

Before playing this list I was prudent to ask the red shirts if this was a legal move and they agreed that it was a legal list and a legal deployment move.

Now along with the idea that this unit can infiltrate, this unit can also outflank, as per the infiltrate rule.

Lysander is on order, and I have recently picked up a Terminator Chaplain, and I hope to start painting some Imperial Fist, I was thinking, a Terminator Squad, a Chaplain, and a Land raider.

This goes along with the fluff that the Ravenguard chapter has very few or no terminator armor and even fewer land raiders. And that they were being bolstered by a Detachment of Imp. Fist, since their idea of combat tactics is precision which ties is with the guerilla nature of Ravenguard fluff.

To, all sons of Kronus I hope this tactic helps with your rightous war.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oi, Mondays time for war in my neck of the woods. List I am looking to play tonight.
raider and tacitcal squads.

So If your in my neck of the woods the grapevine tx area, stop and say hello, and offer up a game I take all comers.

Friday, June 19, 2009


One Down, nine more to go, now that I have worked out all the kinks to painting these guys I think the next few will be quick.
Need to invest in a palette or a piece of tile may go look at the tile place down the road.

Opps. Need to fix that skull just noticed it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello all,
Simple Progress update. Comission work.
The client wanted him to be very blue, I tried to add some silver to edges via dry brushing to show wear, but he wanted it to be very clean so I had to limit my highlights and the gold doesn't feel right to me been experementing with diffrent gold techniques.

Did you know that the pigment in sharpie gold pens is highly toxic even if you get it on your skin. Just an fyi.

Wash Blue
Drybrush boltgun
W: Blue
W: Blue
Highlight Space wolf grey
HL Enchanted blue
HL thinned Skull white
Superhighlight Just a dab of Skull white
Verythin wash of Enchanted blue over everything to make the blue come out more


Skorched brown
Highlight vermin brown
drybrush Bleached bone
Black wash

Chainmail is Just chainmail with black wash

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle Report for Tourny.Well the team I played on was a reserve team since we signed up late and we got a spot 10 minutes before the toury started, after about a half hour of milling around the dice started rolling. First off we were drawn to go up against this fabulously painted Eldar army.

2 farseers

2 fire prisms


Dark reapers

3 war walkers



We started with pitched battle, the eldar players deployed into to a corner and in cover, every turn cast fortune and guide on everything. Placing one objective there and one objective on another side of the table, with pathfinders all around their second objective.  We deployed a feint, we knew that we could not break their lines and my orks would never make it to assault with all their multiple salvo weapons, our ace in the hole was my two trucks full of boys and two hammer heads, the hammer heads drew fire from all the big guns while the boyz marched across the table and took 75 percent causalities, while the trucks “flat outed” and smashed through the terrain dumping their load close enough to have the two squads on the same turn knock out a fire prism and a two squad of pathfinders, time ran out and we had  scored 3 to 1. 

Second match after lunch.

Two objectives opposite ends of the table

Deployed first against;

Three squads of Khorne bezerekers mounted in rhinos

Demon prince


Three leman Russ with a command squad with infantry in valkyries.


Rhino rushed for two turns, hammerheads were firing like poo and we couldn’t stop their assault. Hosed the bezerkers with fire power where we could, my boyz killed one vendetta immobilized another stalled all three squads of bezerkers, but in the end we were beaten by a rhino that had driven around all the combats and last few seconds contested our objective.

Bad battle lots of bad juju related game.


Last game was Annihilation.

Facing Grey Knights with Tau

Our opponents took the hill and used their devilfish as giant bunkers for their fire warriors, the grey knights hid as well too.  Lots of moving and running, to get to grips, finally got to use my boarding planks knocking out two devil fish in the first wave, and then my killa kans assaulted a full terminator squad, the boyz assaulted each squad of grey knights and the trukk boyz backed them up and usually charged in after the enemy had been tied up by the bigger squads and every time they were about to finish off the squad I could fall back and play hide the nob.


Final tally we killed 9 kill points, and they killed two of ours. I took a good bit of causalities and my partner’s fire warriors only took two casualties in the last battle.


In the end we took second WOOT!!!!  




Now that I have your attention. 

Well today was tournament day in a lot of places, while my team did do very well, we managed second place (damn rhino) more on that later. I was asked to paint up Some Chaos Fantasy Knights, which I have secretly wanted to paint for a while. Now the Player has asked that I do them as Tzetchy knights.Now if you’re asking what the "f" does a Rackham Miniature have to do with chaos knights, well I am so very impressed with the blue paint job on this model that I was hoping to discover how to do it and maybe replicate it on one of the chaos knights to represent the armor on the champion, or if my client doesn’t like it then I was going to with something like so.

 I was thinking along the Lines of painting him like the concept art but making the eyes kind of a sky glowy blue to make them pop and show them as truly gifted by Tzeetch. Oddly enough in the game the higher-level Tzetchy knights begin to turn slightly purple. Does any one know why?

On another note I was hoping to pick up a carnosaur, model and Sculpt a warboss on to the big old bugger, and play him as a mounted warboss with an attack squig. I have seen one done with a Chaos lord, but the lord looked to small for the mount but I think a meaty warboss would look great on the big buzzard. Well Its off to bed for me will post battles results and pictures in the morning.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As I stated earlier I was offered this comission by a fellow gamer at my local flgs, I was excited to do it, I really like this model to bad he only comes with five kommandos that I wont be buying anytime soon. As he stated it had been rattling around his war box with the other models and obviously Its alittle chewed up the right side of the face has wierd pock marking that seems to be a bad molding, which I couldn't fix but besides that I think the metals came out well and I like the red since its diffrent from what I am used to Painting.

Now this model isn't finished i Just wanted to take a break on him.

Going to have to take natural light pictures in the morning.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well just back from my flgs and after showing my custom bigmek I have been commissioned to Paint up a few ork nobz for a certain client. WOOT FUN I get to paint my favorite model. Will post pictures as i hav enow found my cameraWOOT>


Converting a warboss into a big mek.

Added bitz from loota mek boy, used a diffrent method of painting the ork skin, from WD. Got Lazy on some of the metals and will prolly fix them up later tonight.
But might try to take better pictures later.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

post 65

Been away to long.
Well there is a tournie at my local flgs. I will be paired with a Tau Player, I call him SEAN, better then twitch i think, 1000 pts a player.

So his list:
Tau Commander and some body guards
Two Hammer heads
A single crisis suit decked out with close range combat weaponry.
And three fire warrior teams.

Sorry I don't play tau so I can't say much on the specs I know thier going to be the main shooty guys in our armies.

I will be taking

Bigmek W/kff
2 Full boyz foot sloggers
2 trukk with rp and boarding planks for drive bys
4 killkans 2 squads of 2

Going to move the bigmek with the boys giving them the cover save. Keeping one boy within 6 inchs at all times from the three squads and the killkans. everyone gets awesome cover save but may have to protect him by surrounding him with killakans and dening line of sight or impoving his cover save could alays drop something and give him megaarmor.

So Any comments!!

Damn Still cannot find camera, have an awesome conversion of a warboss and wanted to show it off. but no damn camera

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awesome Little Game

I know its not 40k but it can bring out the competetie nature in us all:

Called Mybrute. Build a little avatar and beat up other avatars. Its fun.
Kind of adictive.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well I never really have much to trade since I think a lot of my purchase thru, money tight so I try not to buy a lot. But one thing I do buy a lot of is books, war hammer genre books I think I have every book ever printed by the black library many are first edition. Well bargain bazaar rolled around and people were looking for books so I pulled out my collection and after numerous trade-buys here is what I came away with:

ORK STOMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(JOYGASM)
10 pathfinders
10 guardians
2 wraith lords
Warlock w/ jet bike
War walker
2 war bosses
3 deffkoptas boys
Handful of cold ones
Bigmek W/ Shock attack gun

I think in total I spent 20 dollars the rest was trade generated by my books and a squad of kasrkins.

I was really happy with today and I am looking to get a picture of my loot. Seriously I did not expect to pick up the elder. They are painted so they are going to need stripping but new toys to me. Will have to look at some eldar to paint up.

OHHHH YeAH doing a commission for a friend: Painting his thousand sons sorcerer that will be fun don't paint many chaos.

Still need to find that damn camera

Friday, May 29, 2009

Custods Idea

In response to Ron's faboulous but although small pictured work on custodes, got me to think, the custodes are good and, so even though they are marines, they probably don't think like marines, tactics and ideals wise.

From my research they are better armed better equipped, and all around tougher. So I was thinking of making a minidex to represent the fact that these golden boys are the elite of the elite.
I am Imagining a army with no names but numbers, kind of like the Immortals of ancient persia.

"We are eternal" Going to use this for thier special rule. or something like that.

No Names yet, just writing stuff down

First unit Ive written down.
Super Uber HQ UNIT

HQ W B S T W I A L Save
HQ 6 5 5 5 4 5 5 10 2+[3+]

Immune to Insta death
Furious charge

Special weapon (name is still pending if you have any better ideas that would be great)
Hand of the Emperor
Powerfist that strikes at iniatiative
Rerolls failed to wounds
Or Maybe a Thunderhammer. But I think the clawed powerfist from the heresy art work looks much cooler.

I know he seems powerful, but there is only one of them and I was thinking 300 pts of the bat.

With certain upgrades,

all types of regular shooty options from armory or even an inferno pistol of sorts, jet bike with skimmer rules, ummmmmmmm crap gotta go to lunch.

I see these guys as a major Assualt army, as they are brutal mericless uncomprimising, wait isn't that all space marines.

Okay back from lunch.

So he would also have access to a Jet bike, with skimmer rules.
I was thinking maybe his personnel weapon would be something like an Inferno Pistol, with range 12 strength 8 ap 2, something like that. master crafed so he gets to reroll misses.

I want this guy to be a force to be reckoned with. Something that if you field him he is going to be the emperor’s bodyguard the embodiment of his will.

Click me for more Goodness


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well I was excited about posting a video guid to painting ork flesh and armor, but how can I if i have no camera. Lost in the endlessness of the new apartment.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hoping to create my first ever video guide to painting orks later today. woot excitement is pallpable, yummm tacos.


Just looked at the update on the BOLS-con, or sausage fest as everyone is taking to it.

85 Dollars
for the tournament track.

Having not participated in the toury track before I was wondering if that was a common ball park, amount.

They also have three tracks.

The 40K track is a 2000 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The Fantasy track is a 2250 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The War of the Rings track is a 3000 point one-day tournament and a 2000 point one-day tournament.

The Narrative 40K track is a 3000 point two-day 40K antitournament event with tournament-level prize support.

If anyone has anyidea what the real diffrence is it would be appericated.

I won't be paying for a room there and parking is not a problem since my brother lives three minutes away.

I am still looking forward to the Tourny hoping to spec out my ork army, but maybe I will look into the new guard codex and see how many games I can bring up against the IG dex.

It just seems that a 120 boys with nobz and all that is orky goodness could bring some hurt to the table.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'M BACK !!!!!

Finally settled into the new place. Ive only been able to complete one full squad of Ork boyz and the Nob. I will post pictures tommorrow have to wait for sun light. Got the painty bug and finished Thraka as well. Pictures to come. Right now I am waiting for the airbrushed paint on my trukks to dry and woot. My next paycheck I hope to order some organizers from minature scenry need someplace to store my paints and brushes while I work on my Arch work.

Just found out about the BOLS tourny in austin I am already planning to go anyone else thinking about going?

Need to look at more war paint patterns for my boyz thinking that each type of war point will denote another squad. OI I need to get a game in haven't been playing since the move hoping to go tommorrow and maybe pick up a game. Is it bad that i want highschools to get out so there will be more players at the store>?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Been Swamped by everything, lack of updates seems reaver won't be getting done for lucky thirteen

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Comment Like the WIND

Trying out Disqus Again I beileve that I have (with a great deal of hacking pleading and begging) got it to work. SO COMMENT COMMENT LIKE THE WIND.
OPPPSSS sorry about that anyone who wanted to comment I had clicked to turn off comments when trying to use more disqus for me

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



The move is going well, I hope in a day or two at the most the transition will be complete.
If you ever have moved you understand the little things that have to be done. Clean, pick up pencil brushes bitz that have fallen against the molding and what you thought was lost, gathering of clothes and such.

But what I spent most time on was prepping my army for the move. I found some Foam trays and bought up those, dug up a apple computer shipping box with the hefty foam in it. Then I cut out sapes for the army that was going into it, which happened to be my marines since they are going on haiatus(sp?) while I work on my ork army. Hoping to set up a propper work space this time around.

What I want from the community is How YOU GUYS MOVE YOUR ARMIES? Anything Special or just stick them in the army cases and go, or how you move bitz or organize your work space after you move.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

disappointment point

Well, Last night didn't go so well.
First I got to League night early not a problem.
Was set to face a chaos player , using thousand sons and such so at 1500 points he only had:

2 full thousand sons sqauds and landraider and suchsome other small stuff.
But as we were working terrian he decied to back out and switch with his friend to play a necron player. WTF! I i was trying to be a good sport and didn't make a fuss, but the guy he traded with was playing a vindicator heavy list. So i get to wage war against:
Three Vindicators
Three Hellfire dread naughts(plasma cannons and Frag missle)
Two Rhinos Sporting Assault cannons
Two full squads with Lascannons.


Started out with dawn of war and deployed a nob biker squad war boss and a full thirty boyz squad.
He put nothing on, so I rushed the table edge he was going to come on and left my other truck and battle wagon boyz in reserve should have brought them out the first turn.

Well the vindis come on, and damn they give me a pasting 5 nobz down after three vindis and three dreadnought template monsters.

THe battle kinda ground on in the end Nobz killed three vindicators and He killed my nobz warboss and 2 trukks.

so in total it came out to 13 - 9. Suckage I felt I was kinda cheated. If I had played the guy I started with I would have mopped the table with him, ohh so you can shoot really well, got an AP 3 bolter, doesn't matter Ive got 6+ save but I got thirty boyz and some nasty bikers. Suck THIS>>>>>>

Ahhhh so pissed gotta go pack more moving tommorrow and need to paint was hoping to attend a 1000 tourny this sunday but I don't have nearly enough painted to bring to the table.

Hoping to attend a lucky 13 tourny on the 9th. MUST HAVE REAVER TITAN DONE BY THEN. paint oppitional.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am logging from my phone hoping to use this application tonight for the league match

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you Have Legos

I aspire to do this Warhound out of Legos.

Going to Start Packing For the Move coming in a Week.

Teaser {1:1 scale for well take a guess.)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Two for One Deal

Well at My local store I am Notoriously known for making my own models, I've scratched Rhinos, Landraiders, Landspeeders, MOF on a bike, Titans, Baneblades, and Gun carriages for thunderfires. Well I was contemplating the buying of two ork trukks, after buying the first I cam home and looked around the net at interesting conversion for ork trucks and found the FW HALFTRACK.  I decided to take half the parts for the truck and make another. 

First I assembled the frame and Scratch built a copy, using the measurements from the first. 

Taking inspiration from the FW model I scratched the bed of the first truck using 1/8-inch sheet and roughed up the sheet with a file, added spiky bits. And that pretty much finished the first one. 

One the second one I built the cab using pieces from the spur to measure and give me a size reference and instead of an exposed engine I made it look like and early 20th century truck, since to me it looked like and old farm truck. Next was more difficult had to hot bend the tracks o get them to the appropriate size for the half track part of the model, I wish I could make an awesome set of tracks like the ones of the FW model but they have resin and master sculptures little ole me just does this as a hobby. Used some triangle strips to add gearing to the wheels and covered it up to hide its hideous nature. For a good while I was trying to figure out what I would use for the front wheel assembly I have tons of Biker wheels but their all to small so I cannibalized one of the rear sets from the original model and glues it on. 


Added tons of bits from my boxes chaos bits and space marine tank bits imperial guard radio sets and some Battlewagon bits were used as well as some stompa glyph plates that I pilfered from my local store. I like them very orky.


Edited It seems THat if you load a batch of pictures to blogger it breaks the links so you can't click them to make them big.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just came back from the Comic store and read through the defenders of Ultramar comics. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN IT, I’m not saying that it was a bad story, a little cliché and kind of a waste of paper. 

But It is truly sad that GW let boom studios have artistic representation for them they are terrible artist, I mean the drawing style is neither consistent or worth your time. It very shoddy work and the marines don't look like marines they just look like regular men in padded clothing. 

Facial expressions are terrible rather then looking heroic or distressed they just look retarded. 

Most of the comics are full scale drawing of explosions so out of the 40 pages there is only about 20 or so of anything worthwhile. 


There is no detail in these comics like you would see in something like marvel's civil war, I felt like I was reading an old school throw back of 1960 prince valiant. 


Everything looks like the stuff you doodle in the sides of note pages.

I swear pay me as much as your paying these people and I will draw a better comic.


THIS COMIC SUCKS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. If this is the trend of all the comics that are being pushed out then it’s a great waste of money for all of us. 

Escalation League Match 2

Well It was week 2. 
Point Limit 1250 

WBoss on Bike 
50 boyz 
20 stormboyz 
5 nob bikers
1 Battlewagon

Mission set up was to capture two building worth 5 pts each and kill points all around. 
Spear head Deployment.

Facing blood angels 
chaplain Lemartes with Honor Guard I believe.
A couple of five men cc squads and some death company. 
two attack bike one with melta and the other toting a hvy b.
and a baal predator

Every thing but the assualt squad was mounted in those damn fast rhinos.

Well my opponent let me deploy and go first, Spear head was a paint trying to fit that many minis into a table corner not fun. 
Oppenent didn't deploy held everything in reserve. 
First turn,  Moved everything around to grab the objective. First big squad just sat back and held the closet objective and the battlewagon boyz and the stormboyz moved up to the second objective and  the nobz/warboss flanked to the  opposite side so i could pincer anything coming from the table edge. Second turn he brought on Lemartes and HG  A rhino with cc marines in it, and a baal pred. Since i had moved for two turns storm boyz and nobz were just out of thier assault range so i let them pepper me, the BW shrugged off yet another volley from a meltagun 9 he seems impervious against meltas, the baal scored a few kills on the battlewagon boyz who where scrambling up the  second objective.  On my turn I charged Lematres with the SB and the wb/nobz charge the Assualt bikes. The SB killed four but lost five, fearless, but the one saved, powerklaw killed lemartes deader then dead. The nobz /wb slaughtered the attack bikes. This was to be the pace of the battle except when the rhinos strayed to close the second objective the boyz nob toting the PK would leap out and pop them, two rhinos met their end this way. All the while the next enemy turn a dreadnought came into play and assaulted my nob bikerz and started to brutally pop them one by one. this finished off my leader and nobz as they couldn't break away, five powerfist attacks kill lots of nobz.... sadness. The stormboyz held the  remaining assault troops and a few cc marines. The final rhino smashed into the second objective I had been holding most of the game and contested it.  that ended the game as time ran out. 

Final Score 
Me 9 Oppenent 2 

Total Escalation Score 21 pts two more matchs i think i am in a good position for top place.

Your wish Is My command.

If you need some kind of template I'll see if i have it and will send it to you or post it here. 

Ask and you shall receive.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Have some birthday money laying around, trying to decied what I want to buy.
For the modelling aspect:

Stompa ( awesome goodness that comes with stompa awesome-ness, but i don't play apocalypse so I don't think it would get much game time and such.)

Stormboyz ( awesome looking models and they are a compettive unit in the regular games I play) but I would need 15 More for a full unit.

Ork Trukk ( Fast movers and they could add a good bit of mobility to my army)

Army figure Case Will need to cart them around somehow
NO MORE CLEANING. Since I work at night and go to class only tuesday and thursdays, i spend a good bit of time in the house, so tha comes with house chores. Which i dutifully do paint some clean some. But now my Wife's mother is coming over and I am getting burnt out on the cleaning gig.

Just mumbles.
Oh i don't even give a damn about the planetstrike but I WANT THAT MINI!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Barjack's Guide to Painting watermelons...I mean orks.

Ever look at a water melon lots of deep green and fading to yellow greens, well i managed that with my orks and here is how.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Escalation Round 1 Match Results

Well I posted the List that I used today earlier in my blog; the tourny was only one match a week and a total of the points in the end highest is the winner and so on. Got there about 4 Pm and chatted with the guys for awhile starting out. Two Chaos players and a Deathwing/Ravenwing player and I.

I was so pissed at myself that I forgot to take pictures, I guess it was best since I really tromped him and taking pictures of it would only make it worse.

Match Rules:
Pitched Battle
Single Objective Worth 5 pts and every unit is worth 1 kill point.
Open Terrain No real cover at all. Just mostly Craters.

What I faced:

Ravenwing and Deathwing

Belial w/ Terminator Armor 130

Belial’s Deathwing Terminator Squad 240

Deathwing Company Banner

Lightening Claws

Interrogator – Chaplain 145

Terminator Squad 215

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 170

Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 120

Battle Wagon w/Lefty's Boyz and Looted Wagon "Da Growla" Bringing up the Left Flank Sheltering behind a low hill.

Klamp's Boyz Holding the Center
Warboss Choppafist Moving w/ the central formation

Righty's Boyz bringing up the right Flank.

I deployed second at first I was facing just those bikers and was like hey no biggie, just a bunch of bike squad I was worried that my battlewagon would get toasted in the first turn.

Scout moves, All the Bikers scrambled into Position.
First Turn:
I failed to seize the Initiative. The bikers moved closer and called down a non scattering deep strike of Belial and his command squad along with a skull faced chaplain smack dab in front of my front lines, oh their pride will bring about their fall, the foot slogging terminators moved at full speed to assist their battle brothers. But I started to sweat the Melta as it scooted around to the Battlewagon's side armor, but its feeble attempt at a potshot failed horribly. Snake eyes on an anti armor roll. OUCHIE!

Then my Opponent deployed Belial and his terminators, only the chaplain shot killing two of Klampa's boys. I got Plenty more where they came from, aren't they born out of the ground or spores. *shrug* His bikers took more pot shots at Klampa's Boyz only one fell in the first volley, the other bikers bolter volley was more successfully cutting down three of Righty's Boyz. The terminator's storm bolter splattered another two.

End of enemies first shooting phase: 8 Orks down

Let the Green Vengeance WAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!

Moved Closer to Belial's command squad, made sure to position them so they would assault more than one unit. The Left Flank Moved forward but floundered in a difficult terrain test with a three. My Battle wagon suffered from engine trouble and only moved 6, and that was with a reroll....shucks. The Looted wagon known as the "Da Growla" Tank Shocked the Melta attack bike, and Put a boom gun round smack in the middle of the terminator squad bringing up the rear, vaporizing two and littering the battle field with bits of the emperor’s mightiest. The Center Squad of Boyz Led By "Klamps" Opened fire on Belial's Unit, ready to add their shiny kit to his share of the loot when all was said and done. Over thirty burst of semi and automatic fire punctuated the air, the terminator's thick armor turned aside most of the rounds but a few punched through the glowing lenses and flexible joints, two more of the mighty warriors fell. Righty's Boyz followed suit and added half of their unit’s fire to Klampa's fire and killed another Terminator and caused a grievous wound to Belial, guess he should have worn his helmet. Choppafist let loose with his heavy caliber dakka, and cut down one of the Dark Angel riders as he gunned his engine and charged then into their ranks. WAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

End of my Shooting phase results: Five Terminators and one Biker

Assault Phase
Klamps Charged Belial's Unit and also engaged the bikers that Belial had homed in on at the beginning of the game. Choppafist engaged the remaining two bikers. Righty failed to pushes his boys out of difficult terrain and they just hung out drinking squig beer.
Belial and the Chaplain struck first, pulverizing six of Klampa's Boyz he only grinned as his boys killed the last terminator and cause another wound on Belial. Some of the Boyz even took the time to mop up the two bikers the last biker failed his leadership and ran; Klampa got a good hit in on the chaplain and forced another wound. Losing by three was nothing as two boys were cut down but the unit was fearless so no worries.
The Warboss shrugged off the three hits the bikers got on him but failed to wound; in return he caught both of them in his power klaw and turned them in to nothing but a sticky mess.

End Assault phase: 16 Orks down, 7 terminators and 5 bikers, 1 wound each on chappy and Belial

Turn two shooting phase

the attack Bike Opened fire against "da Growla" and cooked it with superheated melta waves. Like armor 11 is so hard to beat *pouts*. The last the terminators and took shoots at Righty's Boyz popping the heads off two more, the Biker opened fire against the war boss and the round bounced harmlessly off the bosses tough skin.

Assault phase
Belial Cuts down two more of the Boyz and the chaplain cuts down one, but this is the end for them both finally the lack of numbers is their undoing as the chaplain falls under the attacks of 10 Orks and belial the same fate awaited as the Boyz held him down while Klampa, moved in and showed him what a crude pneumatic claw could do to crunchy power armor.

21 Orks, looted wagon gone :( 7 terminators and 5 bikers, chappy and Belial dead

moved all Units towards the objective.
Lefty's Boyz got pissed at the "Da Growla" Death and Bail the hell out, right next to the attack bike.

Righty Boyz, cut down two more terminators in a volley of solid slug fire.
Lefty's cut down the Attack Bike.

Klampa's Boyz kill the last biker.

Lefty's finishes the Last remaining terminator in a hail of blades, as the terminator misses on all of his attacks.

Final total
21 Orks, looted wagon gone :( 10 terminators and 6 bikers, chappy and Belial dead

Total points
me: 5(holding the objective) + 7 Kill points Opponent: 1 (looted wagon death)

My Thoughts on the Battle:

This was a great boost to my confidence in this new army, a lot of planning went in to this list something simple to build off of with no major or game turning ork rules played yet. But the simplicity of it was its key. Where I always fretted over losing a space marine or a hand full of scouts, now I just send in the Boyz and grin when they mob an a unit and come out swinging.

I think The Major thing I was disappointed in was the battle wagon getting hung up with dangerous terrain every turn even with the reroll, most of the left flank did nothing but what was great was he looted wagon, it paid itself off in the first turn may take more of those later on just to give my army some range.

What could have turned this into a tougher battle, less terminators and spread the points out to more tactical squads. Although he did have two very tough units, they were very limited on their numbers only 12 terminators made up most of his army. Against anything else their combined strength would be noteworthy but since he couldn't bring them to bear since he choose the deep strike and foot slogging method of travel it left his offensive push wide open to my units to pick them apart.

Not to Sound overly confident, I wish I had fought another army something to push my new army and see where I could find holes and give me some weakness and strength play.

I know without trucks my Orks have the mobility of a slug, this may catch up with me since the battles are only an hour long. The Warboss fought well when he got into battle but that was far and few between as there weren't many units on the table.

Any Tips on facing the Following armies would be helpful.

Seen armies

Space marine with Three vindicators [need anti tank]

Marines with Thunder fire and tactical squads [fast movers to kill that thunder and tie up tacs]

Thousand sons [over whelm them and burn down their tree house]

Chaos army with raider and Berserkers [lots of assaults fun or gun line the buggers]

Other opponents I’ve faced with a kitted out space marine bike army and command squad with all power weps. Genius at out flanking [sits in the middle and let them come counter charge]

and I think a nurgle army. [Hmmmm I know their tough]