Battle report

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well I never really have much to trade since I think a lot of my purchase thru, money tight so I try not to buy a lot. But one thing I do buy a lot of is books, war hammer genre books I think I have every book ever printed by the black library many are first edition. Well bargain bazaar rolled around and people were looking for books so I pulled out my collection and after numerous trade-buys here is what I came away with:

ORK STOMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(JOYGASM)
10 pathfinders
10 guardians
2 wraith lords
Warlock w/ jet bike
War walker
2 war bosses
3 deffkoptas boys
Handful of cold ones
Bigmek W/ Shock attack gun

I think in total I spent 20 dollars the rest was trade generated by my books and a squad of kasrkins.

I was really happy with today and I am looking to get a picture of my loot. Seriously I did not expect to pick up the elder. They are painted so they are going to need stripping but new toys to me. Will have to look at some eldar to paint up.

OHHHH YeAH doing a commission for a friend: Painting his thousand sons sorcerer that will be fun don't paint many chaos.

Still need to find that damn camera

Friday, May 29, 2009

Custods Idea

In response to Ron's faboulous but although small pictured work on custodes, got me to think, the custodes are good and, so even though they are marines, they probably don't think like marines, tactics and ideals wise.

From my research they are better armed better equipped, and all around tougher. So I was thinking of making a minidex to represent the fact that these golden boys are the elite of the elite.
I am Imagining a army with no names but numbers, kind of like the Immortals of ancient persia.

"We are eternal" Going to use this for thier special rule. or something like that.

No Names yet, just writing stuff down

First unit Ive written down.
Super Uber HQ UNIT

HQ W B S T W I A L Save
HQ 6 5 5 5 4 5 5 10 2+[3+]

Immune to Insta death
Furious charge

Special weapon (name is still pending if you have any better ideas that would be great)
Hand of the Emperor
Powerfist that strikes at iniatiative
Rerolls failed to wounds
Or Maybe a Thunderhammer. But I think the clawed powerfist from the heresy art work looks much cooler.

I know he seems powerful, but there is only one of them and I was thinking 300 pts of the bat.

With certain upgrades,

all types of regular shooty options from armory or even an inferno pistol of sorts, jet bike with skimmer rules, ummmmmmmm crap gotta go to lunch.

I see these guys as a major Assualt army, as they are brutal mericless uncomprimising, wait isn't that all space marines.

Okay back from lunch.

So he would also have access to a Jet bike, with skimmer rules.
I was thinking maybe his personnel weapon would be something like an Inferno Pistol, with range 12 strength 8 ap 2, something like that. master crafed so he gets to reroll misses.

I want this guy to be a force to be reckoned with. Something that if you field him he is going to be the emperor’s bodyguard the embodiment of his will.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well I was excited about posting a video guid to painting ork flesh and armor, but how can I if i have no camera. Lost in the endlessness of the new apartment.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hoping to create my first ever video guide to painting orks later today. woot excitement is pallpable, yummm tacos.


Just looked at the update on the BOLS-con, or sausage fest as everyone is taking to it.

85 Dollars
for the tournament track.

Having not participated in the toury track before I was wondering if that was a common ball park, amount.

They also have three tracks.

The 40K track is a 2000 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The Fantasy track is a 2250 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The War of the Rings track is a 3000 point one-day tournament and a 2000 point one-day tournament.

The Narrative 40K track is a 3000 point two-day 40K antitournament event with tournament-level prize support.

If anyone has anyidea what the real diffrence is it would be appericated.

I won't be paying for a room there and parking is not a problem since my brother lives three minutes away.

I am still looking forward to the Tourny hoping to spec out my ork army, but maybe I will look into the new guard codex and see how many games I can bring up against the IG dex.

It just seems that a 120 boys with nobz and all that is orky goodness could bring some hurt to the table.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'M BACK !!!!!

Finally settled into the new place. Ive only been able to complete one full squad of Ork boyz and the Nob. I will post pictures tommorrow have to wait for sun light. Got the painty bug and finished Thraka as well. Pictures to come. Right now I am waiting for the airbrushed paint on my trukks to dry and woot. My next paycheck I hope to order some organizers from minature scenry need someplace to store my paints and brushes while I work on my Arch work.

Just found out about the BOLS tourny in austin I am already planning to go anyone else thinking about going?

Need to look at more war paint patterns for my boyz thinking that each type of war point will denote another squad. OI I need to get a game in haven't been playing since the move hoping to go tommorrow and maybe pick up a game. Is it bad that i want highschools to get out so there will be more players at the store>?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Been Swamped by everything, lack of updates seems reaver won't be getting done for lucky thirteen