Battle report

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Completed a handful of orks so far. My wife who has seen me paint a multitude of minature was walking by my paint station and commented on how well they were coming out. Something along the lines that they are more intresting then marines and some such.
I do enjoy painting them a lot more then the marines and many of my orks will have war paint along with the standard paint job. So without further ado....add a list of what i have done, hoping to get three more done tonight or maybe just one.

Monday, March 30, 2009

New List

Warboss w/ PK + K-Skorcha on Bike
10 Biker Nobz w/[Painboy]7 Big Choppa 2 Powerklaw
12 Boyz in a trukk 118
12 Boyz in a trukk 118
20 Ard Boyz in a Battlewagon/deffrolla 350
23 boyz with nob 2x big shootas 158
23 boyz with nob 2x big shootas 158
Deff Dread 4x ccw 105
looted wagon w boomgun 125

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making the list

New Ork Army List

[Warboss w/ PK + K-Skorcha on Bike 130
[Warboss w/ PK + K-Skorcha on Bike 130
[10 Biker Nobz w/[Painboy]6 Big Choppa 2 Powerklaw 580
Hvy Killers

[30 Boyz w/ 3x shootas and Nob with PK 230 Move and get into Assualt
[30 Boyz w/ 3x shootas and Nob with PK 230 Move and get into Assualt
[20 Hard boys W/ Nob 2 Shootas 350 Go for the Throat [hq]
[Mounted In Battlewagon w/ 4x B. Shootas
[Deff Dread 2x CCW 2x Skorcha 85
Big F-ing wall of teeth and blades

Loota Wagon w/ Boomgun, Hardcase 115
shoot stuff

May Swap out something for Kommandos w snikrot for those corner loving imp guard.
Battlewagon full of nobz, and big choppas and a painboy.

Tempted to just balls to the wall plastic weld every damn boy together and fit out my battle wagon and fix up my looted tank and proxy my SM bikes for nobz and run this list through the meat grinder in the morning. Need to rend smash kill......


Got my Mitts on a Battlewagon. I am in love wih the cab of this vehicle, I mean its prolly the best looking vehicle out there I really like the aggressive nature and brutal image this thing has.

Not mine just a stock image.

Friday, March 27, 2009

To much ROCK for One HAnd

I so Need one of these, but for a price tag of 150 dollars I think I will try my hand at one on my own. But in my company colors.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HAHAH I think i can call this one done.

Tell me what you guys think.
now back to working on the other boys.

Cleaned up the base after this pic so no biggie.

Boss Snikrot

snikrot w/ his base.
Hoping to add a couple of branchs snagged from gw.
Going to add some clumpy foilage to the root section.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey followers,
Been busy painting not really alot of models but just one. I am going to enter snikrot in the dakka dakka jungle warfare challenge. Here he is almost complete. Just need a few touch ups, i hope to use him in my local stores painting competetion.
More Photos here along with the base i will be putting him on.

Still need to do fingernails, buckles, highlights on the boots and wash the metal, along with paint the base and add grass and clumpy foilage.

I have Two orks along with him painted.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Semi green tide

Howdy sailors, (little gay)

Got finished to what I feel is a good point for my nob biker.I was going for a very dirty look, because i believe no ork should be clean or have shiny or good kit.
Sorry little dark.... suck at taking pictures at night. 1/20.... gonna paint some boys.
Tried a diffrent painting method using highlights to accent paint chipping in real life it looks much better then the picture hoping to take a better one tommorrow during the day with sunlight.
More Pictures of ORKS
Looking at a new painting tutorial thinking about using that.

Alright Since I can not decided on which clan to paint all of them, I am going with the idea that orks act like a feudal society. Where there is one king (Warboss), and he has his couple of knights (nob bikers) and the nobs command a couple of foot soldiers (boys). During the time of war the Boss calls all his favors in and Allys and so I am going to paint a Couple of bad moon variants and a few speed freak variants, and have different patterns and such with a handful of boys, maybe five each per nob.

90 boys / 18 nobz bikers = 5 boys per nob

(30 badmoonz) [30 speedfreaks] /30 goffs\

Working that out, I wonder if I should make any goff bikers as they could be the personnel excort for the warboss.... got my hands on a Thraka model and will play him as my warboss, and maybe another on a bike.

Whats on my painting table

ORKS!. about 100 orks that need painting, i have only completed one nob biker out of 16.....this does not bode well. Hoping to get some work done tonight.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woot I just got a present in the mail, and now I am 30 orks richer...
Wotz dat, gotz da boyz, dems doz 'eedy grey boyz, slap sum kolorz on dem, greenz is da best. ORKS ORKS ORKS.

Here Ye! Here YE!

My Gamesworkshop, which is In Grapevine Texas, is giving away two tickets to the North America Gamedays. But you have to Win them, How you say?

Painting competetion, Bring in your best looking painted model, and then the peoples will be the judges.

Happens on April 24th, best bet is to get there early and enter your model.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Orks 'nd da' prob'em

Been Painting ork bikers can't decide on which clan to paint. First one was a bad moon, and the second is going to be a Speed Freak, Third may be a Goff, I don't know which clan to choose. The badMoonz is a nice color but hmmmm still undecided. Any help be apperciated. Or any views.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Army Takes shape

After a couple of eBay buys and some GW store buys,

Okay Here is what is rushing its way to me at a snails paces.

90 Ork boys - total 60 dollars

6 Warbikes (lets not talk about these)

Ghazgull thraka- he was a steal like 15 dollars, bought him more to paint.

Oh Yes If any of the readers lives in the DFW area, and enjoy scratch building, Asel's art supply, near the UTA campus is having a sale on styrene. Evergreen styrene for 50 cents rather then 3-4 dollars a pop, bought 150 dollars worth of brushes and styrene for 16.83. Good deal if I say so.

HQ: Warboss (1#, 128 Pts)

1 Warboss @ 128 Pts

Power Klaw; Slugga; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Stikkbombs; Furious Charge; Mob Rule;

Waaagh!; Ammo Runt; Warbike

Troops: Boyz (30#, 210 Pts)

29 Boyz / Nob with big choppa

Big Shoota (x3);

Troops: Boyz (30#, 210 Pts)

29 Boyz / Nob with big choppa

Big Shoota (x3);

Troops: Shoota Boyz (30#, 210 Pts)

29 Boyz / Nob with big choppa

Big Shoota (x3);

Troops: Nobz w/ Painboy on bikes (8#, 505 Pts)

Big Choppa (x4); Power Klaw (x3); Waaagh! Banner (x1); Warbike

Troops: Nobz w/ Painboy on bikes (8#, 505 Pts)

Big Choppa (x4); Power Klaw (x3); Waaagh! Banner (x1); Warbike

DeffDread 90pts


If I am facing armor I will field more combi rokkit, on the bikes in lew of a couple of big choppas.

Against an infantry army, I think I may take more slugga and choppas, and big choppas on the nob bikers.

Wondering if I should be taking 3 power claws of just more BC since if I am assaulting a tank I hit its armor 10 rear. Where I would only need 4+ to pen. That’s if untouched against the tank is 21 attacks rolled some dice the average was 3 glancing and 4 penning. Even if I don't kill the tank it is not moving shooting and drolly going to lose its main weapons and off charge the boyz again. Turbo boost, assault that’s all they are going to be doing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

updates updates long nights of painting

Here are some pictures  of the dreadnoughts main body. Like I said trying to make it look the opposite, of my marines. I tried to make the Green visor slit look like it was glowing may add some white highlight to it. 
Started off with Grey primer coat.
Layered with hairspray lacquer.
Then added tamiya deck tan and the Dark Flesh. half and half.
Took a stiff bristle brush and  added weathering, then  washed over the areas withe sepia and black washes. 
Edged some areas with charcon grey. Some Boltgun edges and topped off screws. 

Added the green to the visor slit. Got sleepy. 

Made post. Stared at the cat while she played with the door. 

Behold the dark child, harbinger of furred death. MY KITTY ISIS.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howdy Ho their Nieghborrinos,
I had A brain storm while i was sitting through class.
I am deciding if i want to start an ork army, i have always enjoyed the ork lore and the look, but have never started one since i have always had marines. 
But here is My 1000 point list,

1 Warboss on warbike
Powerclaw, shoota/rokkit

10 Nobz on Bikes w/ Painboy
6 Big choppas; 3 Powerclaws

30 Boyz 
Slugga and shootas; 3x big shootas

1 deff dread
2x bigshoota

Don't quote me on the points i think i may have them bit off. 

But the paint scheme I was thinking about would be a parody of my company the colors would be reversed and along with ork-ied up and have bitz of marine armor mixed in.  Some conversions of biker nobz would have chopped marine bikes or maybe even a land speeder as  a big buggy/bike. But I was hoping to snag a tau battlesuit and  model and ork on its back, with wires in its hands to make it look like he  moves it by jump starting it and a dead tau hanging snagged and stuck in the cockpit. One idea i really liked was having a biker nob and alittle side car for his gretchin buddy and give the side car a dakka. just kicking stuff around.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tactical and Dread

Lack of updates, yadda yadda, Here is the Full Tactical squadive been working on behind the curtains.

Sgt. [input name here]

First Part of the Tactical Squad, Sarge with Powerweapon and combi-plasma, Plasma cannon.

And here is the standard AoBR dread, I call him Smashy.
Used balast and chewed up spur, for the base. Then mixed up some simple baking soda-glue-paste-would-be-snow, mixture.

Friday, March 6, 2009

two words

watchmen awesome

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

must stop watching the idiot box

Do you ever See those bad military movies where the would be terrorist or person with a problem. The bombs they make are huge I mean dozen sticks of TNT or what would seems to be a couple of kilos of C4 or cemtex. I know there is a bit of Hollywood at work here but in this movie that is causing this reaction a terrorist has a vest strapped with HE, I mean enough to level a building, with a few guys standing around him guns drawn and then ka-boom, terrorist gone but all the guys around him , tunr to give the smeer that was thier buddy a look and then walk away, what crap is that if your close enough to read the writing on the H-E's packaging, you are dead not slightly flash sunburned, but dead... dead....dead....RIP...inaccurate facts in movies make me irate, my better half says I do it in era pieces where they have particular weapons (like ak-47 in WWII) that weren't invented yet.
When a bad ass looking guy walks in to a bar with background music following him, and carrying a small fluffy animal, why must the local bar scum have their asses kicked in because they’re too stupid to understand movie plot and that the guy walking in will MESS. YOU. UP. Then again this opens up the alley of interest of will the bar scum come back and fuck something up for our would be hero or get in the way and get killed.
The hot supervising officer that happens to be the only women in the unit why must they be such hard-ass with a soft nuggety center which means the hero will prolly tap that later on the movie, too early to tell who will be the spurned love interest.

Watchmen and Chuck Norris

Just finished reading watchmen, it was a little different from what I expected; I know there weren't true super humans in it but more average humies in costumes. But the under lying message that we (as people) are fucked up and everybody's parents can mess up your entire life, kind of was a letdown. Hopefully the movie will be less message-y and more actiony.
Did like crazy ass rorsach. He does remind me of an Uncompromising Inquisitor, busting heads and taking names while looking to fulfill goal thingy-ma-jig.
But all in all, I’d rather just get my money back but since my brother wants to read it I will hang on to it.
But at least I can act all superior and LEET when we get to the movie theatre, using my LEET-ness to punish the noobs. I fully support the American comic industry and although he isn’t really the hero in the book/movie (to come), more a vehicle to get the authors message out. I would rather the story have a little more to it then the three major ideas in the story, rape (or supposed rape), megalomania, and a frame up.

Sleepy now, more TV and more cleaning.

Side note, watching chuck Norris’s “walker Texas ranger” and he is reliving his past lives, odd spin off after the show was losing popularity, and he happens to be a ranger in the cowboy Indian days and wow the acting is still bad….. Why doesn’t he have the ability to express emotions…? I think his horse in said episode is better at showing it’s not a martial arts killing machine with tears to cure every known diseases. Or maybe he is just a space marine in training. (Oh and the pictures talk… creepy)

q and a

Would you buy the ork stompa with the excuse of creating an ork army but really you just want a bad ass looking kit. yes or no?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

to make or not to make

That was odd Blog. Just stopped showing my post well i may work on something or may not work on stuff tonight
Finished the blackhearts omnibus. Then finished gunheads. Both were a pretty good read, entertaining and full of adventure.