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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspirational art.... and Utter Cheese List Ideas

Taking a break from my wolves and it has led me to playing the blood angels.
Playing at a 1000 points, is very interesting, while most armies fields one maybe two elite and/or heavy support. I have seen two Redeemers, Baal preds and other such nonsense.

While helping people prep for bolscon, local players participating in the doubles tourny will be fielding blood angels with their FNP rules along with nids. Its a nasty combo, by interpreting the rules for bols armies can share powers.

So FNP along with Nids army wide Furious Charge and Regens.

List I helped build:

Swarm Lord
Doom of Malentai
The Spawning nid bug forgot whats it called.
gaunts and more guants.
With DP
Monsters will be deep striking.

Two redeemers
Baal pred
Sang Priest

Be warned this lays down six ap 3 or lower templates a turn. Along with Dooms sick power, it is a very powerful list. Then I was asked what could beat it. Hopefully you guys have some ideas. What I can see is a few well placed lascannons, and meltas could stall this list.

Psycannons can easily kill the Doom.

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