Battle report

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I play this game I play for fun. Simple, yes i do do the random store sponsered tournament just for the chance to win some free stuff and have a good time.
I am always a polite gamer, I let people roll stuff that they have forgotten, move the forgotten squad in the trees, shoot that orbital bombardment, and I help them and answer all the questions they have about my army.
But last night while playing at my local flgs I encountered a player when asked what was inside his transport took time out of the game to read aloud the rule that says you don't have to tell your opponent what is in the transport, but for the rest of the game contioned to bring it up with "You wanna know what in the rhino well your gonna find out" nannna booboo kind of taunt. After much of this tuanting went on the uber unit I was holding back came in chewed through just about everything he had, and i proceeded to completely table him. Even whenin the last turn he was still boasting that he had a slim chance of still winning the game if he could have force three tactical squads off two objectives, with an exorcist one serephim, not a unit one model, and two grey knight terminators, more then 18 inches away, with no heavy weapons to kill a vindicator and a razorback walling off the objective.

The reason this makes me so bristly is that I had played this guy before, and happily told him what was in my trukks and battlewagons. So in short I will never play this guy again, oh yeah when you take 30 minutes to make your first movement on the first turn because your stradegizing, that is just rude.
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