Battle report

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After an eventful night at the FLGS, I had two games conceded to me and completely tabled on the third game in the third turn. I was only playing at 1850, but the one unit that everyone seemed to fear was this.

Shrike Attached to a full squad of assault terminators marines, four armed with thunder hammers and the others with Lightening claws, brought along Cassius jut to bring a tough chappy.

With Shrike's Infiltrating rules stating "Shrike (and the models in his squad) benefit from the infiltrate special rule."

So the idea is that Shrike can attach to any unit that in the army, if it’s not a vehicle or a character whose rule states that they cannot join another unit.

Before playing this list I was prudent to ask the red shirts if this was a legal move and they agreed that it was a legal list and a legal deployment move.

Now along with the idea that this unit can infiltrate, this unit can also outflank, as per the infiltrate rule.

Lysander is on order, and I have recently picked up a Terminator Chaplain, and I hope to start painting some Imperial Fist, I was thinking, a Terminator Squad, a Chaplain, and a Land raider.

This goes along with the fluff that the Ravenguard chapter has very few or no terminator armor and even fewer land raiders. And that they were being bolstered by a Detachment of Imp. Fist, since their idea of combat tactics is precision which ties is with the guerilla nature of Ravenguard fluff.

To, all sons of Kronus I hope this tactic helps with your rightous war.
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