Battle report

Sunday, August 23, 2009

FREEEM GW you provide suction.

Oh, many are the times I have uttered this or cringed at its sound. Great is the comic that it comes from.
Hopefully many of you have toiled away many hours at the Great Turn Signals on a Landraider.

But due to economocial times, and GW IP rules, Steve will be shutting down his site, at an undeterminded time.

I am hoping to set up a rapid share link for any of the fans for this comic, it will follow in a couple of days.

667 comics, six years, of humor, if your ever run into steve at a GD, buy him a beer, shake his hand, wish him well. Say farewell to Jack, Frep, Kren, and Cavendish. A god among mini's Thank you, Steve.

"Poke 'em inna eye!"
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