Battle report

Friday, January 29, 2010

Returning from the Dead, It is not as easy as you think.

At the end of summer I had great ambition to run A fairly spiffy Warhammer blog and Be a great ARCHITECT. Well one of those ambitions came true, I am a great architect, but running my blog not so good a full 6 months of 70 hour work weeks can annihilate any hobby. In the past months I've finished:
1850 Pts of Crimson Fist
10 Chaos knights
Two battle wagons
and two trucks
Squad of grey hunters
squad of wolf guard terminators
built three raiders
one drop pod
and built and converted two landspeeders.

But on he gaming aspect I have done very little a tournie here and there and a few combat patrols. But other then that My life has taken a back seat to this wonderful disease, ARCH.

I am hoping to find my camera and snap some shots of the grey hunters. Just to add fuel to the band wagon.

Now back to my work.
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