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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blood Angels Found Wanting.....

Well at my FLGS, the excitement over the New blood angels is Palpable, codex being passed around, overjoyed and lamented rules being called out to all that would lend an ear. New minis being passed around like a warm spoon of plastic crack. But in the end it is all about how these minis will preform on the table top that makes them a good army. Last night after playing a fairly good 2000 point game an irregular (a non regular @ my FLGS) who had been watching my wolves lay down the hurt on to some vanilla marines, offered me a game, in a less then friendly way, (p.s. don't act high and mighty and better then me when you have never played against someone before it tends to bring out the bad in me) against the new angels codex, which I gladly accepted as I was eager to see them on the field.

A 1000 points was the List:

2x assualt squads with power weapons and meltas
Death Company dread
8 Thunderhammer storm shield terminators

As I saw him bring out these models I couldn't help but feel he was trying to compensate.

So In response to the earlier slight against my senses I pulled:

Ragnar W/ a combat squad and a wolfguard
grey hunters in a rhino
Combat squad greys with a lascannon razorback
2x Thypoons

Spear Head, Annihilation.
I won the roll off so I let him go first, deepstrikers.

I knew about Descent of angels (Deep-striking, 1d6 scatter with a re-roll), He deployed his Th+SS termies as close as possible, attached to what I heard was a bad motherfo Mephiston. Death Company dread was right next to him. In response I castled In to my corner staggering my vehicles, trying to bait the second turn Deepstrikers in to the corner behind my redeemer.

Angels-First turn, Termies walk run, dread does he same.
This is the first I begin to notice that he is moving his minis Front to back, cheating, instead of moving 6 termies are now moving about 8 inches a turn and dread is moving about 9. I don't say anything out of politiness and It was the first time playing the guy I tought maybe he was nervous.
Wolves-Move everything trying to put as much distance between my guys and the stompiness of the thunderhammers, and force them to move through or around terrain.
Lay down heavy fire lascannon krak missiles in to the dread = nothing. Assualt cannon in to Termies=nothing.
Second turn
Angels= First Assault squad comes in, right next to my Raider, taking the bait, but he has a square of open space to deep strike in about 8 inches from the table edge, He then proceeds to pre measure the distance from the table edge 6 inches so he doesn't scatter off. I correct him on this, but his response "Well we can premeasure at my flgs" well your not at "your" store so play by the rules.

When you deep strike you have to form a tight circle, around the center base to base. He tries to spread them out because he was now in range of my flamestorm cannons. I correct him, and yet another trip to Rulebook land.
He Meltas my raider and knocks off my treads, OH NO!

Flame Storm Assault marines. Kill 9
Move Open Shoot.
Shake a dread which he ignores.
Kill a term.

Battle keeps going this way. Termies march and take fire, dread pops one of my speeders with a melta shot, but exposes his back to two krak missles and gets popped.

Angel player forgets to deepstrike his last squad of assault marines in the movement phase and then tries to do it during the shoot after running all his units. when I stop him he says uses his at my Flgs excuse again the phases are there for a reason.

Terminators get close but are just short of assault on my raider. Short being 9 inches he tries to argue that he could assualt, measuring tape doesn't lie. Ragnar's squad and other wolfguards Hop out of their transports 23 Bolt pistol shots later and only three terminators and Mephiston are left, They get charged by all of them.

The assault
Mephiston kills three str 10 bleh no biggie. Ragnar butchers three terminators with ease, attached wolf guard and sarge from Ragnars squad and four regular marines lay in to Mephiston 4 wounds go quick when thier 30 attacks being thrown at you, 3 are lost to power weapons and the last wound is lost to a failed armor save.

Mephiston is like any other IC, Their good when attached to a squad but like everything in the game they die. I thought he would be more impressive but it he seemed okay or maybe the player utilized him the wrong way.

Seems like marching him across the table is a bad idea.

I was only impressed with one thing the deep striking rules, other then that they did not Live up to the hype... sad sad sad......

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