Battle report

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well I never really have much to trade since I think a lot of my purchase thru, money tight so I try not to buy a lot. But one thing I do buy a lot of is books, war hammer genre books I think I have every book ever printed by the black library many are first edition. Well bargain bazaar rolled around and people were looking for books so I pulled out my collection and after numerous trade-buys here is what I came away with:

ORK STOMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(JOYGASM)
10 pathfinders
10 guardians
2 wraith lords
Warlock w/ jet bike
War walker
2 war bosses
3 deffkoptas boys
Handful of cold ones
Bigmek W/ Shock attack gun

I think in total I spent 20 dollars the rest was trade generated by my books and a squad of kasrkins.

I was really happy with today and I am looking to get a picture of my loot. Seriously I did not expect to pick up the elder. They are painted so they are going to need stripping but new toys to me. Will have to look at some eldar to paint up.

OHHHH YeAH doing a commission for a friend: Painting his thousand sons sorcerer that will be fun don't paint many chaos.

Still need to find that damn camera
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