Battle report

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'M BACK !!!!!

Finally settled into the new place. Ive only been able to complete one full squad of Ork boyz and the Nob. I will post pictures tommorrow have to wait for sun light. Got the painty bug and finished Thraka as well. Pictures to come. Right now I am waiting for the airbrushed paint on my trukks to dry and woot. My next paycheck I hope to order some organizers from minature scenry need someplace to store my paints and brushes while I work on my Arch work.

Just found out about the BOLS tourny in austin I am already planning to go anyone else thinking about going?

Need to look at more war paint patterns for my boyz thinking that each type of war point will denote another squad. OI I need to get a game in haven't been playing since the move hoping to go tommorrow and maybe pick up a game. Is it bad that i want highschools to get out so there will be more players at the store>?
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