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Friday, May 29, 2009

Custods Idea

In response to Ron's faboulous but although small pictured work on custodes, got me to think, the custodes are good and, so even though they are marines, they probably don't think like marines, tactics and ideals wise.

From my research they are better armed better equipped, and all around tougher. So I was thinking of making a minidex to represent the fact that these golden boys are the elite of the elite.
I am Imagining a army with no names but numbers, kind of like the Immortals of ancient persia.

"We are eternal" Going to use this for thier special rule. or something like that.

No Names yet, just writing stuff down

First unit Ive written down.
Super Uber HQ UNIT

HQ W B S T W I A L Save
HQ 6 5 5 5 4 5 5 10 2+[3+]

Immune to Insta death
Furious charge

Special weapon (name is still pending if you have any better ideas that would be great)
Hand of the Emperor
Powerfist that strikes at iniatiative
Rerolls failed to wounds
Or Maybe a Thunderhammer. But I think the clawed powerfist from the heresy art work looks much cooler.

I know he seems powerful, but there is only one of them and I was thinking 300 pts of the bat.

With certain upgrades,

all types of regular shooty options from armory or even an inferno pistol of sorts, jet bike with skimmer rules, ummmmmmmm crap gotta go to lunch.

I see these guys as a major Assualt army, as they are brutal mericless uncomprimising, wait isn't that all space marines.

Okay back from lunch.

So he would also have access to a Jet bike, with skimmer rules.
I was thinking maybe his personnel weapon would be something like an Inferno Pistol, with range 12 strength 8 ap 2, something like that. master crafed so he gets to reroll misses.

I want this guy to be a force to be reckoned with. Something that if you field him he is going to be the emperor’s bodyguard the embodiment of his will.

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