Battle report

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just looked at the update on the BOLS-con, or sausage fest as everyone is taking to it.

85 Dollars
for the tournament track.

Having not participated in the toury track before I was wondering if that was a common ball park, amount.

They also have three tracks.

The 40K track is a 2000 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The Fantasy track is a 2250 point two-day bracketed tournament.
The War of the Rings track is a 3000 point one-day tournament and a 2000 point one-day tournament.

The Narrative 40K track is a 3000 point two-day 40K antitournament event with tournament-level prize support.

If anyone has anyidea what the real diffrence is it would be appericated.

I won't be paying for a room there and parking is not a problem since my brother lives three minutes away.

I am still looking forward to the Tourny hoping to spec out my ork army, but maybe I will look into the new guard codex and see how many games I can bring up against the IG dex.

It just seems that a 120 boys with nobz and all that is orky goodness could bring some hurt to the table.
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