Battle report

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Now that I have your attention. 

Well today was tournament day in a lot of places, while my team did do very well, we managed second place (damn rhino) more on that later. I was asked to paint up Some Chaos Fantasy Knights, which I have secretly wanted to paint for a while. Now the Player has asked that I do them as Tzetchy knights.Now if you’re asking what the "f" does a Rackham Miniature have to do with chaos knights, well I am so very impressed with the blue paint job on this model that I was hoping to discover how to do it and maybe replicate it on one of the chaos knights to represent the armor on the champion, or if my client doesn’t like it then I was going to with something like so.

 I was thinking along the Lines of painting him like the concept art but making the eyes kind of a sky glowy blue to make them pop and show them as truly gifted by Tzeetch. Oddly enough in the game the higher-level Tzetchy knights begin to turn slightly purple. Does any one know why?

On another note I was hoping to pick up a carnosaur, model and Sculpt a warboss on to the big old bugger, and play him as a mounted warboss with an attack squig. I have seen one done with a Chaos lord, but the lord looked to small for the mount but I think a meaty warboss would look great on the big buzzard. Well Its off to bed for me will post battles results and pictures in the morning.


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