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Sunday, June 7, 2009

post 65

Been away to long.
Well there is a tournie at my local flgs. I will be paired with a Tau Player, I call him SEAN, better then twitch i think, 1000 pts a player.

So his list:
Tau Commander and some body guards
Two Hammer heads
A single crisis suit decked out with close range combat weaponry.
And three fire warrior teams.

Sorry I don't play tau so I can't say much on the specs I know thier going to be the main shooty guys in our armies.

I will be taking

Bigmek W/kff
2 Full boyz foot sloggers
2 trukk with rp and boarding planks for drive bys
4 killkans 2 squads of 2

Going to move the bigmek with the boys giving them the cover save. Keeping one boy within 6 inchs at all times from the three squads and the killkans. everyone gets awesome cover save but may have to protect him by surrounding him with killakans and dening line of sight or impoving his cover save could alays drop something and give him megaarmor.

So Any comments!!

Damn Still cannot find camera, have an awesome conversion of a warboss and wanted to show it off. but no damn camera
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