Battle report

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle Report for Tourny.Well the team I played on was a reserve team since we signed up late and we got a spot 10 minutes before the toury started, after about a half hour of milling around the dice started rolling. First off we were drawn to go up against this fabulously painted Eldar army.

2 farseers

2 fire prisms


Dark reapers

3 war walkers



We started with pitched battle, the eldar players deployed into to a corner and in cover, every turn cast fortune and guide on everything. Placing one objective there and one objective on another side of the table, with pathfinders all around their second objective.  We deployed a feint, we knew that we could not break their lines and my orks would never make it to assault with all their multiple salvo weapons, our ace in the hole was my two trucks full of boys and two hammer heads, the hammer heads drew fire from all the big guns while the boyz marched across the table and took 75 percent causalities, while the trucks “flat outed” and smashed through the terrain dumping their load close enough to have the two squads on the same turn knock out a fire prism and a two squad of pathfinders, time ran out and we had  scored 3 to 1. 

Second match after lunch.

Two objectives opposite ends of the table

Deployed first against;

Three squads of Khorne bezerekers mounted in rhinos

Demon prince


Three leman Russ with a command squad with infantry in valkyries.


Rhino rushed for two turns, hammerheads were firing like poo and we couldn’t stop their assault. Hosed the bezerkers with fire power where we could, my boyz killed one vendetta immobilized another stalled all three squads of bezerkers, but in the end we were beaten by a rhino that had driven around all the combats and last few seconds contested our objective.

Bad battle lots of bad juju related game.


Last game was Annihilation.

Facing Grey Knights with Tau

Our opponents took the hill and used their devilfish as giant bunkers for their fire warriors, the grey knights hid as well too.  Lots of moving and running, to get to grips, finally got to use my boarding planks knocking out two devil fish in the first wave, and then my killa kans assaulted a full terminator squad, the boyz assaulted each squad of grey knights and the trukk boyz backed them up and usually charged in after the enemy had been tied up by the bigger squads and every time they were about to finish off the squad I could fall back and play hide the nob.


Final tally we killed 9 kill points, and they killed two of ours. I took a good bit of causalities and my partner’s fire warriors only took two casualties in the last battle.


In the end we took second WOOT!!!!  

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