Battle report

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After an eventful night at the FLGS, I had two games conceded to me and completely tabled on the third game in the third turn. I was only playing at 1850, but the one unit that everyone seemed to fear was this.

Shrike Attached to a full squad of assault terminators marines, four armed with thunder hammers and the others with Lightening claws, brought along Cassius jut to bring a tough chappy.

With Shrike's Infiltrating rules stating "Shrike (and the models in his squad) benefit from the infiltrate special rule."

So the idea is that Shrike can attach to any unit that in the army, if it’s not a vehicle or a character whose rule states that they cannot join another unit.

Before playing this list I was prudent to ask the red shirts if this was a legal move and they agreed that it was a legal list and a legal deployment move.

Now along with the idea that this unit can infiltrate, this unit can also outflank, as per the infiltrate rule.

Lysander is on order, and I have recently picked up a Terminator Chaplain, and I hope to start painting some Imperial Fist, I was thinking, a Terminator Squad, a Chaplain, and a Land raider.

This goes along with the fluff that the Ravenguard chapter has very few or no terminator armor and even fewer land raiders. And that they were being bolstered by a Detachment of Imp. Fist, since their idea of combat tactics is precision which ties is with the guerilla nature of Ravenguard fluff.

To, all sons of Kronus I hope this tactic helps with your rightous war.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oi, Mondays time for war in my neck of the woods. List I am looking to play tonight.
raider and tacitcal squads.

So If your in my neck of the woods the grapevine tx area, stop and say hello, and offer up a game I take all comers.

Friday, June 19, 2009


One Down, nine more to go, now that I have worked out all the kinks to painting these guys I think the next few will be quick.
Need to invest in a palette or a piece of tile may go look at the tile place down the road.

Opps. Need to fix that skull just noticed it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello all,
Simple Progress update. Comission work.
The client wanted him to be very blue, I tried to add some silver to edges via dry brushing to show wear, but he wanted it to be very clean so I had to limit my highlights and the gold doesn't feel right to me been experementing with diffrent gold techniques.

Did you know that the pigment in sharpie gold pens is highly toxic even if you get it on your skin. Just an fyi.

Wash Blue
Drybrush boltgun
W: Blue
W: Blue
Highlight Space wolf grey
HL Enchanted blue
HL thinned Skull white
Superhighlight Just a dab of Skull white
Verythin wash of Enchanted blue over everything to make the blue come out more


Skorched brown
Highlight vermin brown
drybrush Bleached bone
Black wash

Chainmail is Just chainmail with black wash

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle Report for Tourny.Well the team I played on was a reserve team since we signed up late and we got a spot 10 minutes before the toury started, after about a half hour of milling around the dice started rolling. First off we were drawn to go up against this fabulously painted Eldar army.

2 farseers

2 fire prisms


Dark reapers

3 war walkers



We started with pitched battle, the eldar players deployed into to a corner and in cover, every turn cast fortune and guide on everything. Placing one objective there and one objective on another side of the table, with pathfinders all around their second objective.  We deployed a feint, we knew that we could not break their lines and my orks would never make it to assault with all their multiple salvo weapons, our ace in the hole was my two trucks full of boys and two hammer heads, the hammer heads drew fire from all the big guns while the boyz marched across the table and took 75 percent causalities, while the trucks “flat outed” and smashed through the terrain dumping their load close enough to have the two squads on the same turn knock out a fire prism and a two squad of pathfinders, time ran out and we had  scored 3 to 1. 

Second match after lunch.

Two objectives opposite ends of the table

Deployed first against;

Three squads of Khorne bezerekers mounted in rhinos

Demon prince


Three leman Russ with a command squad with infantry in valkyries.


Rhino rushed for two turns, hammerheads were firing like poo and we couldn’t stop their assault. Hosed the bezerkers with fire power where we could, my boyz killed one vendetta immobilized another stalled all three squads of bezerkers, but in the end we were beaten by a rhino that had driven around all the combats and last few seconds contested our objective.

Bad battle lots of bad juju related game.


Last game was Annihilation.

Facing Grey Knights with Tau

Our opponents took the hill and used their devilfish as giant bunkers for their fire warriors, the grey knights hid as well too.  Lots of moving and running, to get to grips, finally got to use my boarding planks knocking out two devil fish in the first wave, and then my killa kans assaulted a full terminator squad, the boyz assaulted each squad of grey knights and the trukk boyz backed them up and usually charged in after the enemy had been tied up by the bigger squads and every time they were about to finish off the squad I could fall back and play hide the nob.


Final tally we killed 9 kill points, and they killed two of ours. I took a good bit of causalities and my partner’s fire warriors only took two casualties in the last battle.


In the end we took second WOOT!!!!  




Now that I have your attention. 

Well today was tournament day in a lot of places, while my team did do very well, we managed second place (damn rhino) more on that later. I was asked to paint up Some Chaos Fantasy Knights, which I have secretly wanted to paint for a while. Now the Player has asked that I do them as Tzetchy knights.Now if you’re asking what the "f" does a Rackham Miniature have to do with chaos knights, well I am so very impressed with the blue paint job on this model that I was hoping to discover how to do it and maybe replicate it on one of the chaos knights to represent the armor on the champion, or if my client doesn’t like it then I was going to with something like so.

 I was thinking along the Lines of painting him like the concept art but making the eyes kind of a sky glowy blue to make them pop and show them as truly gifted by Tzeetch. Oddly enough in the game the higher-level Tzetchy knights begin to turn slightly purple. Does any one know why?

On another note I was hoping to pick up a carnosaur, model and Sculpt a warboss on to the big old bugger, and play him as a mounted warboss with an attack squig. I have seen one done with a Chaos lord, but the lord looked to small for the mount but I think a meaty warboss would look great on the big buzzard. Well Its off to bed for me will post battles results and pictures in the morning.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As I stated earlier I was offered this comission by a fellow gamer at my local flgs, I was excited to do it, I really like this model to bad he only comes with five kommandos that I wont be buying anytime soon. As he stated it had been rattling around his war box with the other models and obviously Its alittle chewed up the right side of the face has wierd pock marking that seems to be a bad molding, which I couldn't fix but besides that I think the metals came out well and I like the red since its diffrent from what I am used to Painting.

Now this model isn't finished i Just wanted to take a break on him.

Going to have to take natural light pictures in the morning.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well just back from my flgs and after showing my custom bigmek I have been commissioned to Paint up a few ork nobz for a certain client. WOOT FUN I get to paint my favorite model. Will post pictures as i hav enow found my cameraWOOT>


Converting a warboss into a big mek.

Added bitz from loota mek boy, used a diffrent method of painting the ork skin, from WD. Got Lazy on some of the metals and will prolly fix them up later tonight.
But might try to take better pictures later.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

post 65

Been away to long.
Well there is a tournie at my local flgs. I will be paired with a Tau Player, I call him SEAN, better then twitch i think, 1000 pts a player.

So his list:
Tau Commander and some body guards
Two Hammer heads
A single crisis suit decked out with close range combat weaponry.
And three fire warrior teams.

Sorry I don't play tau so I can't say much on the specs I know thier going to be the main shooty guys in our armies.

I will be taking

Bigmek W/kff
2 Full boyz foot sloggers
2 trukk with rp and boarding planks for drive bys
4 killkans 2 squads of 2

Going to move the bigmek with the boys giving them the cover save. Keeping one boy within 6 inchs at all times from the three squads and the killkans. everyone gets awesome cover save but may have to protect him by surrounding him with killakans and dening line of sight or impoving his cover save could alays drop something and give him megaarmor.

So Any comments!!

Damn Still cannot find camera, have an awesome conversion of a warboss and wanted to show it off. but no damn camera

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awesome Little Game

I know its not 40k but it can bring out the competetie nature in us all:

Called Mybrute. Build a little avatar and beat up other avatars. Its fun.
Kind of adictive.