Battle report

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monkey Stomping Where?

Pedro Kantor w/ Honor Guard [6] 360
Dorn’s Arrow 24’ Str. 4 Ap. 4
Honor Guard [4] Power Weapons
Chapter Champ [1] Power Weapon

Sternguard [10] w/ Droppod 300
Droppod – Locator Beacon

Terminator Squad [10] 400
4x Thunderhammer & Storm Shields
6x Pair Lightening claws

Tactical Squad 235
Plasma Cannon, Meltagun, Power weapon

Tactical Squad 235
Plasma Cannon, Meltagun, Power weapon

Assualt Squad 220
Power Weapon ; storm Shield ;

Thunderfire 100

A perfect 1850, I did it with out even noticing till just now.

Pedro and his HG do their thing with their pricey weapons and artificer armor.
Sternguard, shoot shoot shoot. nuff said.
Terminators lock in on the drop pod and work their way out from the center.
Tactical squad and Assault squads work and shoot work and shoot.
Thunderfire, a true death dealing piece of work, entire squads of guardsmen have been put to the flame via this LOS artillery piece. Mind you their guardsmen so their not tough but they still get in the way of an objective.
Vie Victus.
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