Battle report

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Honour Guard 1

Well I think I’ve come to a stopping point with my Scratch built marine.

Now keep in mind I am not the greatest with greenstuff, but I did pretty well.
The tassel thingies were just cut from a thing strip of styrene and then just creased them. (I don't know why there is greenstuff on the gun...... damn you butterfingers.)

I may add more layers to his non sword armor; at least add more rivet dips.

I split the backpack and didn't do much with the rear side of this guy, just chewed up some cork and added the pipe to give him will add ballast into the cracks.

The pose came out well, I like how he is holding his sword at rest, may add some sort of statue behind him make it look like he is standing guard. Since they are always describe as being very still and mistaken for statues, might even add snow to his shoulders and to the top areas. But that’s is an idea I’m just tossing around.

Reading The Blackheart omnibus, more on that later.

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