Battle report

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Battle Chap and a vindi friend

Howdy All,
I finished my Vindicator, at least to the best of my ability. The story is that sometimes when you buy a kit the tracks are all melted, so vindi has no tracks.
I choose to use Violet Oxide from golden acrylic in my paint scheme. Very cheap for almost 12 ounces $6.99 instead of using dark flesh $3.50 for what is a GW paint pot 3/4 oz. (eh I don't know) but I believe that the paint job came out very well. Again I used Fichtenfoo's weathering techniques on both sides the Tan/sepia side came out well, with the scorch marks and wear around the edges but my attempt at rust I feel came out a little to Orange-ie. The Siege Shield is one piece that I am very happy with I think I captured the drippy oiled metal hinges well.

On another note I am Happy with how my Chaplain turned out. (Dynamic Lighting OHHHH)
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