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Monday, February 2, 2009

One Sulfur stick later

Welcome all for visiting my humble blog. Thank you.
Alittle about myself, (no I will not post nudie pictures) on a the warhammer scene.
I am a space marine player with an avid hobby of scratch building and converting my models in to a motly bunch of super-soldiering-cermite-clad- death-thingie-majigas, of many years.
In the newest codex, my favorite chapter is the Ravenguard, so that will be the focus of many of my posting, but i am not a stickler and will happily experiment with everything and just general tactics and showing off the stuff I've been working on.

Current paint project :
Pedro Kantor
Build Project:
Terminators and Homemade Sternguard
Life Project:
Magical Cleaning
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