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Monday, February 2, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Ork?

I finished my Pedro hoping to test him out later today, Dorn's Arrows should be and interesting weapon along with his Tactics.

Pedro the Model,

This Model is an easy build unlike some of the other pewter models I have encountered. (Yes, thunderfire I AM LOOKING AT YOU) little bits of flashing here and there along with some odd areas where a file comes in handy and just a touch of green stuff to secure that pesky banner on to his back pack.

The design of the model was a little odd; I understand the need for ornamentation on chapter masters to distinguish them from regular power armored grunts. (Heck the Masters of such and such look awesome) But Pedro has the distinct feel of a roid ragin eldar just back from the soul stone shop. But the more anatomically correct Powerfist and Wrist mounted stormbolter make me wish for a GW upgrade spur with more of these interesting weapons.

On Painting Pedro,

I started with a black undercoat. (Should be common sense for a darker overall color)
Then came the navy blue or GW equivalent, I would have preferred to use necron abyss as it is a GW color.
Crimson Fist, needs a crimson fist. Dark Flesh with a Mercite red highlight.
At this point I was rubbing off a lot of paint around his feet.
I then applied two more thin layers of purity seal to the model.
Moved on to the Reds in other places, then the shining gold on the laurels and the eagle, bleached bone on the scrolls, sash, and the skulls, more dark flesh with mercite highlights on the cords across his chest.
I used Boltgun metal on the ammo belt and storm bolter as well as the edging of the right paulderon.
More layers of purity seal.
The banners whites were washed with a diluted mix of ashuren blue.
The shining gold was dulled with Sephia and so were the skulls.
And the silvers dulled with a wash of balab black.
I washed the navy blue with balab black too, and highlighted it with enchanted blue.
Details, Details, and more details eyes and a slight dry brushing of shadow grey and bleached bone, to give him that look of just a little bit of dust settling on his armor.

The base is those simple cork sheets you can get at an office supply store for a dollar or so that I chopped chunks of it out and then worked the edges with a pair of clippers.
Black primer, dry brushed, bleached bone, shadow grey, battle grey, and vermin brown to areas just to mix and work the colors in.

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