Battle report

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

updates updates long nights of painting

Here are some pictures  of the dreadnoughts main body. Like I said trying to make it look the opposite, of my marines. I tried to make the Green visor slit look like it was glowing may add some white highlight to it. 
Started off with Grey primer coat.
Layered with hairspray lacquer.
Then added tamiya deck tan and the Dark Flesh. half and half.
Took a stiff bristle brush and  added weathering, then  washed over the areas withe sepia and black washes. 
Edged some areas with charcon grey. Some Boltgun edges and topped off screws. 

Added the green to the visor slit. Got sleepy. 

Made post. Stared at the cat while she played with the door. 

Behold the dark child, harbinger of furred death. MY KITTY ISIS.

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