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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watchmen and Chuck Norris

Just finished reading watchmen, it was a little different from what I expected; I know there weren't true super humans in it but more average humies in costumes. But the under lying message that we (as people) are fucked up and everybody's parents can mess up your entire life, kind of was a letdown. Hopefully the movie will be less message-y and more actiony.
Did like crazy ass rorsach. He does remind me of an Uncompromising Inquisitor, busting heads and taking names while looking to fulfill goal thingy-ma-jig.
But all in all, I’d rather just get my money back but since my brother wants to read it I will hang on to it.
But at least I can act all superior and LEET when we get to the movie theatre, using my LEET-ness to punish the noobs. I fully support the American comic industry and although he isn’t really the hero in the book/movie (to come), more a vehicle to get the authors message out. I would rather the story have a little more to it then the three major ideas in the story, rape (or supposed rape), megalomania, and a frame up.

Sleepy now, more TV and more cleaning.

Side note, watching chuck Norris’s “walker Texas ranger” and he is reliving his past lives, odd spin off after the show was losing popularity, and he happens to be a ranger in the cowboy Indian days and wow the acting is still bad….. Why doesn’t he have the ability to express emotions…? I think his horse in said episode is better at showing it’s not a martial arts killing machine with tears to cure every known diseases. Or maybe he is just a space marine in training. (Oh and the pictures talk… creepy)

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