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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

must stop watching the idiot box

Do you ever See those bad military movies where the would be terrorist or person with a problem. The bombs they make are huge I mean dozen sticks of TNT or what would seems to be a couple of kilos of C4 or cemtex. I know there is a bit of Hollywood at work here but in this movie that is causing this reaction a terrorist has a vest strapped with HE, I mean enough to level a building, with a few guys standing around him guns drawn and then ka-boom, terrorist gone but all the guys around him , tunr to give the smeer that was thier buddy a look and then walk away, what crap is that if your close enough to read the writing on the H-E's packaging, you are dead not slightly flash sunburned, but dead... dead....dead....RIP...inaccurate facts in movies make me irate, my better half says I do it in era pieces where they have particular weapons (like ak-47 in WWII) that weren't invented yet.
When a bad ass looking guy walks in to a bar with background music following him, and carrying a small fluffy animal, why must the local bar scum have their asses kicked in because they’re too stupid to understand movie plot and that the guy walking in will MESS. YOU. UP. Then again this opens up the alley of interest of will the bar scum come back and fuck something up for our would be hero or get in the way and get killed.
The hot supervising officer that happens to be the only women in the unit why must they be such hard-ass with a soft nuggety center which means the hero will prolly tap that later on the movie, too early to tell who will be the spurned love interest.
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