Battle report

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howdy Ho their Nieghborrinos,
I had A brain storm while i was sitting through class.
I am deciding if i want to start an ork army, i have always enjoyed the ork lore and the look, but have never started one since i have always had marines. 
But here is My 1000 point list,

1 Warboss on warbike
Powerclaw, shoota/rokkit

10 Nobz on Bikes w/ Painboy
6 Big choppas; 3 Powerclaws

30 Boyz 
Slugga and shootas; 3x big shootas

1 deff dread
2x bigshoota

Don't quote me on the points i think i may have them bit off. 

But the paint scheme I was thinking about would be a parody of my company the colors would be reversed and along with ork-ied up and have bitz of marine armor mixed in.  Some conversions of biker nobz would have chopped marine bikes or maybe even a land speeder as  a big buggy/bike. But I was hoping to snag a tau battlesuit and  model and ork on its back, with wires in its hands to make it look like he  moves it by jump starting it and a dead tau hanging snagged and stuck in the cockpit. One idea i really liked was having a biker nob and alittle side car for his gretchin buddy and give the side car a dakka. just kicking stuff around.
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