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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Semi green tide

Howdy sailors, (little gay)

Got finished to what I feel is a good point for my nob biker.I was going for a very dirty look, because i believe no ork should be clean or have shiny or good kit.
Sorry little dark.... suck at taking pictures at night. 1/20.... gonna paint some boys.
Tried a diffrent painting method using highlights to accent paint chipping in real life it looks much better then the picture hoping to take a better one tommorrow during the day with sunlight.
More Pictures of ORKS
Looking at a new painting tutorial thinking about using that.

Alright Since I can not decided on which clan to paint all of them, I am going with the idea that orks act like a feudal society. Where there is one king (Warboss), and he has his couple of knights (nob bikers) and the nobs command a couple of foot soldiers (boys). During the time of war the Boss calls all his favors in and Allys and so I am going to paint a Couple of bad moon variants and a few speed freak variants, and have different patterns and such with a handful of boys, maybe five each per nob.

90 boys / 18 nobz bikers = 5 boys per nob

(30 badmoonz) [30 speedfreaks] /30 goffs\

Working that out, I wonder if I should make any goff bikers as they could be the personnel excort for the warboss.... got my hands on a Thraka model and will play him as my warboss, and maybe another on a bike.
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