Battle report

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

disappointment point

Well, Last night didn't go so well.
First I got to League night early not a problem.
Was set to face a chaos player , using thousand sons and such so at 1500 points he only had:

2 full thousand sons sqauds and landraider and suchsome other small stuff.
But as we were working terrian he decied to back out and switch with his friend to play a necron player. WTF! I i was trying to be a good sport and didn't make a fuss, but the guy he traded with was playing a vindicator heavy list. So i get to wage war against:
Three Vindicators
Three Hellfire dread naughts(plasma cannons and Frag missle)
Two Rhinos Sporting Assault cannons
Two full squads with Lascannons.


Started out with dawn of war and deployed a nob biker squad war boss and a full thirty boyz squad.
He put nothing on, so I rushed the table edge he was going to come on and left my other truck and battle wagon boyz in reserve should have brought them out the first turn.

Well the vindis come on, and damn they give me a pasting 5 nobz down after three vindis and three dreadnought template monsters.

THe battle kinda ground on in the end Nobz killed three vindicators and He killed my nobz warboss and 2 trukks.

so in total it came out to 13 - 9. Suckage I felt I was kinda cheated. If I had played the guy I started with I would have mopped the table with him, ohh so you can shoot really well, got an AP 3 bolter, doesn't matter Ive got 6+ save but I got thirty boyz and some nasty bikers. Suck THIS>>>>>>

Ahhhh so pissed gotta go pack more moving tommorrow and need to paint was hoping to attend a 1000 tourny this sunday but I don't have nearly enough painted to bring to the table.

Hoping to attend a lucky 13 tourny on the 9th. MUST HAVE REAVER TITAN DONE BY THEN. paint oppitional.
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