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Friday, April 17, 2009

Two for One Deal

Well at My local store I am Notoriously known for making my own models, I've scratched Rhinos, Landraiders, Landspeeders, MOF on a bike, Titans, Baneblades, and Gun carriages for thunderfires. Well I was contemplating the buying of two ork trukks, after buying the first I cam home and looked around the net at interesting conversion for ork trucks and found the FW HALFTRACK.  I decided to take half the parts for the truck and make another. 

First I assembled the frame and Scratch built a copy, using the measurements from the first. 

Taking inspiration from the FW model I scratched the bed of the first truck using 1/8-inch sheet and roughed up the sheet with a file, added spiky bits. And that pretty much finished the first one. 

One the second one I built the cab using pieces from the spur to measure and give me a size reference and instead of an exposed engine I made it look like and early 20th century truck, since to me it looked like and old farm truck. Next was more difficult had to hot bend the tracks o get them to the appropriate size for the half track part of the model, I wish I could make an awesome set of tracks like the ones of the FW model but they have resin and master sculptures little ole me just does this as a hobby. Used some triangle strips to add gearing to the wheels and covered it up to hide its hideous nature. For a good while I was trying to figure out what I would use for the front wheel assembly I have tons of Biker wheels but their all to small so I cannibalized one of the rear sets from the original model and glues it on. 


Added tons of bits from my boxes chaos bits and space marine tank bits imperial guard radio sets and some Battlewagon bits were used as well as some stompa glyph plates that I pilfered from my local store. I like them very orky.


Edited It seems THat if you load a batch of pictures to blogger it breaks the links so you can't click them to make them big.

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