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Monday, April 6, 2009

Escalation Round 1 Match Results

Well I posted the List that I used today earlier in my blog; the tourny was only one match a week and a total of the points in the end highest is the winner and so on. Got there about 4 Pm and chatted with the guys for awhile starting out. Two Chaos players and a Deathwing/Ravenwing player and I.

I was so pissed at myself that I forgot to take pictures, I guess it was best since I really tromped him and taking pictures of it would only make it worse.

Match Rules:
Pitched Battle
Single Objective Worth 5 pts and every unit is worth 1 kill point.
Open Terrain No real cover at all. Just mostly Craters.

What I faced:

Ravenwing and Deathwing

Belial w/ Terminator Armor 130

Belial’s Deathwing Terminator Squad 240

Deathwing Company Banner

Lightening Claws

Interrogator – Chaplain 145

Terminator Squad 215

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 170

Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 120

Battle Wagon w/Lefty's Boyz and Looted Wagon "Da Growla" Bringing up the Left Flank Sheltering behind a low hill.

Klamp's Boyz Holding the Center
Warboss Choppafist Moving w/ the central formation

Righty's Boyz bringing up the right Flank.

I deployed second at first I was facing just those bikers and was like hey no biggie, just a bunch of bike squad I was worried that my battlewagon would get toasted in the first turn.

Scout moves, All the Bikers scrambled into Position.
First Turn:
I failed to seize the Initiative. The bikers moved closer and called down a non scattering deep strike of Belial and his command squad along with a skull faced chaplain smack dab in front of my front lines, oh their pride will bring about their fall, the foot slogging terminators moved at full speed to assist their battle brothers. But I started to sweat the Melta as it scooted around to the Battlewagon's side armor, but its feeble attempt at a potshot failed horribly. Snake eyes on an anti armor roll. OUCHIE!

Then my Opponent deployed Belial and his terminators, only the chaplain shot killing two of Klampa's boys. I got Plenty more where they came from, aren't they born out of the ground or spores. *shrug* His bikers took more pot shots at Klampa's Boyz only one fell in the first volley, the other bikers bolter volley was more successfully cutting down three of Righty's Boyz. The terminator's storm bolter splattered another two.

End of enemies first shooting phase: 8 Orks down

Let the Green Vengeance WAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!

Moved Closer to Belial's command squad, made sure to position them so they would assault more than one unit. The Left Flank Moved forward but floundered in a difficult terrain test with a three. My Battle wagon suffered from engine trouble and only moved 6, and that was with a reroll....shucks. The Looted wagon known as the "Da Growla" Tank Shocked the Melta attack bike, and Put a boom gun round smack in the middle of the terminator squad bringing up the rear, vaporizing two and littering the battle field with bits of the emperor’s mightiest. The Center Squad of Boyz Led By "Klamps" Opened fire on Belial's Unit, ready to add their shiny kit to his share of the loot when all was said and done. Over thirty burst of semi and automatic fire punctuated the air, the terminator's thick armor turned aside most of the rounds but a few punched through the glowing lenses and flexible joints, two more of the mighty warriors fell. Righty's Boyz followed suit and added half of their unit’s fire to Klampa's fire and killed another Terminator and caused a grievous wound to Belial, guess he should have worn his helmet. Choppafist let loose with his heavy caliber dakka, and cut down one of the Dark Angel riders as he gunned his engine and charged then into their ranks. WAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

End of my Shooting phase results: Five Terminators and one Biker

Assault Phase
Klamps Charged Belial's Unit and also engaged the bikers that Belial had homed in on at the beginning of the game. Choppafist engaged the remaining two bikers. Righty failed to pushes his boys out of difficult terrain and they just hung out drinking squig beer.
Belial and the Chaplain struck first, pulverizing six of Klampa's Boyz he only grinned as his boys killed the last terminator and cause another wound on Belial. Some of the Boyz even took the time to mop up the two bikers the last biker failed his leadership and ran; Klampa got a good hit in on the chaplain and forced another wound. Losing by three was nothing as two boys were cut down but the unit was fearless so no worries.
The Warboss shrugged off the three hits the bikers got on him but failed to wound; in return he caught both of them in his power klaw and turned them in to nothing but a sticky mess.

End Assault phase: 16 Orks down, 7 terminators and 5 bikers, 1 wound each on chappy and Belial

Turn two shooting phase

the attack Bike Opened fire against "da Growla" and cooked it with superheated melta waves. Like armor 11 is so hard to beat *pouts*. The last the terminators and took shoots at Righty's Boyz popping the heads off two more, the Biker opened fire against the war boss and the round bounced harmlessly off the bosses tough skin.

Assault phase
Belial Cuts down two more of the Boyz and the chaplain cuts down one, but this is the end for them both finally the lack of numbers is their undoing as the chaplain falls under the attacks of 10 Orks and belial the same fate awaited as the Boyz held him down while Klampa, moved in and showed him what a crude pneumatic claw could do to crunchy power armor.

21 Orks, looted wagon gone :( 7 terminators and 5 bikers, chappy and Belial dead

moved all Units towards the objective.
Lefty's Boyz got pissed at the "Da Growla" Death and Bail the hell out, right next to the attack bike.

Righty Boyz, cut down two more terminators in a volley of solid slug fire.
Lefty's cut down the Attack Bike.

Klampa's Boyz kill the last biker.

Lefty's finishes the Last remaining terminator in a hail of blades, as the terminator misses on all of his attacks.

Final total
21 Orks, looted wagon gone :( 10 terminators and 6 bikers, chappy and Belial dead

Total points
me: 5(holding the objective) + 7 Kill points Opponent: 1 (looted wagon death)

My Thoughts on the Battle:

This was a great boost to my confidence in this new army, a lot of planning went in to this list something simple to build off of with no major or game turning ork rules played yet. But the simplicity of it was its key. Where I always fretted over losing a space marine or a hand full of scouts, now I just send in the Boyz and grin when they mob an a unit and come out swinging.

I think The Major thing I was disappointed in was the battle wagon getting hung up with dangerous terrain every turn even with the reroll, most of the left flank did nothing but what was great was he looted wagon, it paid itself off in the first turn may take more of those later on just to give my army some range.

What could have turned this into a tougher battle, less terminators and spread the points out to more tactical squads. Although he did have two very tough units, they were very limited on their numbers only 12 terminators made up most of his army. Against anything else their combined strength would be noteworthy but since he couldn't bring them to bear since he choose the deep strike and foot slogging method of travel it left his offensive push wide open to my units to pick them apart.

Not to Sound overly confident, I wish I had fought another army something to push my new army and see where I could find holes and give me some weakness and strength play.

I know without trucks my Orks have the mobility of a slug, this may catch up with me since the battles are only an hour long. The Warboss fought well when he got into battle but that was far and few between as there weren't many units on the table.

Any Tips on facing the Following armies would be helpful.

Seen armies

Space marine with Three vindicators [need anti tank]

Marines with Thunder fire and tactical squads [fast movers to kill that thunder and tie up tacs]

Thousand sons [over whelm them and burn down their tree house]

Chaos army with raider and Berserkers [lots of assaults fun or gun line the buggers]

Other opponents I’ve faced with a kitted out space marine bike army and command squad with all power weps. Genius at out flanking [sits in the middle and let them come counter charge]

and I think a nurgle army. [Hmmmm I know their tough]

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