Battle report

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



The move is going well, I hope in a day or two at the most the transition will be complete.
If you ever have moved you understand the little things that have to be done. Clean, pick up pencil brushes bitz that have fallen against the molding and what you thought was lost, gathering of clothes and such.

But what I spent most time on was prepping my army for the move. I found some Foam trays and bought up those, dug up a apple computer shipping box with the hefty foam in it. Then I cut out sapes for the army that was going into it, which happened to be my marines since they are going on haiatus(sp?) while I work on my ork army. Hoping to set up a propper work space this time around.

What I want from the community is How YOU GUYS MOVE YOUR ARMIES? Anything Special or just stick them in the army cases and go, or how you move bitz or organize your work space after you move.
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