Battle report

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just came back from the Comic store and read through the defenders of Ultramar comics. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN IT, I’m not saying that it was a bad story, a little cliché and kind of a waste of paper. 

But It is truly sad that GW let boom studios have artistic representation for them they are terrible artist, I mean the drawing style is neither consistent or worth your time. It very shoddy work and the marines don't look like marines they just look like regular men in padded clothing. 

Facial expressions are terrible rather then looking heroic or distressed they just look retarded. 

Most of the comics are full scale drawing of explosions so out of the 40 pages there is only about 20 or so of anything worthwhile. 


There is no detail in these comics like you would see in something like marvel's civil war, I felt like I was reading an old school throw back of 1960 prince valiant. 


Everything looks like the stuff you doodle in the sides of note pages.

I swear pay me as much as your paying these people and I will draw a better comic.


THIS COMIC SUCKS. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. If this is the trend of all the comics that are being pushed out then it’s a great waste of money for all of us. 

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