Battle report

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Escalation League Match 2

Well It was week 2. 
Point Limit 1250 

WBoss on Bike 
50 boyz 
20 stormboyz 
5 nob bikers
1 Battlewagon

Mission set up was to capture two building worth 5 pts each and kill points all around. 
Spear head Deployment.

Facing blood angels 
chaplain Lemartes with Honor Guard I believe.
A couple of five men cc squads and some death company. 
two attack bike one with melta and the other toting a hvy b.
and a baal predator

Every thing but the assualt squad was mounted in those damn fast rhinos.

Well my opponent let me deploy and go first, Spear head was a paint trying to fit that many minis into a table corner not fun. 
Oppenent didn't deploy held everything in reserve. 
First turn,  Moved everything around to grab the objective. First big squad just sat back and held the closet objective and the battlewagon boyz and the stormboyz moved up to the second objective and  the nobz/warboss flanked to the  opposite side so i could pincer anything coming from the table edge. Second turn he brought on Lemartes and HG  A rhino with cc marines in it, and a baal pred. Since i had moved for two turns storm boyz and nobz were just out of thier assault range so i let them pepper me, the BW shrugged off yet another volley from a meltagun 9 he seems impervious against meltas, the baal scored a few kills on the battlewagon boyz who where scrambling up the  second objective.  On my turn I charged Lematres with the SB and the wb/nobz charge the Assualt bikes. The SB killed four but lost five, fearless, but the one saved, powerklaw killed lemartes deader then dead. The nobz /wb slaughtered the attack bikes. This was to be the pace of the battle except when the rhinos strayed to close the second objective the boyz nob toting the PK would leap out and pop them, two rhinos met their end this way. All the while the next enemy turn a dreadnought came into play and assaulted my nob bikerz and started to brutally pop them one by one. this finished off my leader and nobz as they couldn't break away, five powerfist attacks kill lots of nobz.... sadness. The stormboyz held the  remaining assault troops and a few cc marines. The final rhino smashed into the second objective I had been holding most of the game and contested it.  that ended the game as time ran out. 

Final Score 
Me 9 Oppenent 2 

Total Escalation Score 21 pts two more matchs i think i am in a good position for top place.

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